"Unreleased future" novels/mangas [Seeking opinions before request/proposal]

So I recently got up to date with a few manga series.

I could continue with next chapters that are part of a future unreleased volume, but currently there’s no way to keep track of those, unless you add the magazine where it’s published and it’s not very practical since it includes multiple serializations.

So, do you think would it viable to have “Future” books in the database?

I’m aware it can get to be quite a mess (You don’t have the total pages yet, the cover is not out yet… etc), but I have no other idea of how to keep track of them within the Natively system.

Anyway, seeking other users opinions on this, and also @brandon’s thoughts.


Maybe you could add a personal note to the most recent book in the series? I believe there’s a little mark to show you have a note for a book in your library so you can see there’s something there at a glance.

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Seems really difficult. It’s probably not common, but in some cases (like Hunter x Hunter) a manga goes on a long hiatus and there are chapters that never make it into a published volume.


I think I agree that having ‘future’ books seems too complicated.

If the primary concern is around tracking your pages rather than showcasing reviews / grading / where to find for these future books, I do think there’s a case for logging arbitrary ‘pages read’ independent from anything on natively. I’m not entirely sure how easy that would be, but hopefully it’d allow natively to fully replace tracking spreadsheets.


While this has crossed my mind, is not ideal. Is not very different than what I use to keep track of everything, and I don’t think everyone has a hardcore tracking system like I do.

It also gives you the extra work of having to look back what you recorded there and then transfer the information manually.

True, I didn’t consider hiatus and weird publishing shenanigans.

How about being able to record “fictional” works?
Like being able to create “books” that you only see and use those.
Extra points if you are able to transfer the information of that fictional book into the real book when published (date of reading/pages read).

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That’s somewhat inline with what i’m thinking, but perhaps even more amorphous … just allow you to add a reading session, mark number of pages read, the title for the object you read and maybe a personal note too. That’d allow people to record things like webpages, newspapers, future books… i’m not sure. It’s not a fully formed thought yet.

But I feel that having this catch-all tracking functionality is where I would lean rather than trying to catch the long tail of all the weirdly structured things people could be reading.


Anyway, it would be nice to have that. I’ve been stopping myself from reading ahead with some なろう versions of light novels until the publication catches up. (I’m not planning to read the published version, it’s just a way to keep track)


I guess that’s fine if I can delete the sessions later, once the book is released.

That way, the stats are not duplicated. Or we could skip all these manual entries from the stats all together.

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