Use smaller images to improve thumbnail quality

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I mentioned this a while ago, but I don’t think I ever wrote up a request for this. You should create lower dimension source images when the rendered images are significantly smaller that the original size. Oddly, when you use too-high dimension images, it actually makes the quality worse.

Here is the original source (about 350x350 when square) shown on my list:

Here’s how it looks when the image is replaced with one that is only 88x88 (25%):

Notice how there’s a lot less weird artifacts when using the smaller dimensions. Naturally if you zoom in, the full size version looks better, but that’s not a major use case.

Original image for reference


For what it’s worth, this is what Discourse does with profile pictures. They have copies at various sizes since they display them at various sizes.

Trello link:

Yeah, this would be better agreed. It’s just an infrastructure project i may never get around to, ugh. It’s not that hard, probably a medium.

The switch to Next.js actually makes this easier as it has built-in utilities for this :confused:

Regardless, this is approved.