Websites like Lang-8?

Hey all; I was wondering what was out there nowadays in terms of websites where you can write in your target language and get feedback from native speakers. Doesn’t have to be a “correct my homework/essay” kind of thing, just a website you can type out thoughts/whatever and the community’s good about correcting spots you’ve really messed up on.

Lang-8 used to be a really good place, but that was years ago and I haven’t been in a while to see what the community’s become.


Wasn’t HiNative the successor? :thinking:

Also, busuu has something like this. I think they even have an “Please correct my pronunciation” kinda thing.


I used a site previously called Journaly where others can correct your posts. There is a free option or you can pay a premium to get access to additional content. The creator is the YouTuber and polyglot, Robin MacPherson.

I have noticed the last few times I used it that there wasn’t a great response rate for corrections in Japanese but that may have been because I am still pretty poor at writing exciting stuff (quite sure my 5 year old nephew could write a more exciting story in a few lines that I could in half a page of Japanese).

It is community based so you do need to rely on people deciding to correct you but it did work when I first started and there was a smaller member base. I haven’t used it more than a few times early this year so that may have changed but it may be worth a shot.


LangCorrect is the closest successor to Lang8 I’ve seen. Last time I used it the Japanese user base was pretty small but there was one guy who seemed determined to correct every Japanese learner post :sweat_smile:


There’s a Reddit forum called r/WriteStreakJP. Meant for daily writing. There are only like 2 Japanese guys on there but they have an impressive amount of dedication to it.


HelloTalk created a “social network” like thing called moments where you write in your target language and people can comment and correct you, does that fit?

It works pretty well as long as you make an effort to kind of mutually correct each other and stuff
several people I followed while I was active there I never even messaged with, it was a “comment and correct each other occasionally” thing


I’ve used HelloTalk and LangCorrect, definitely prefer LangCorrect even though it’s not as popular. This is mainly b/c of personal bad experiences on HelloTalk though… that app has way too many guys acting like it’s a dating site… But despite my bad experiences I still found the community there very helpful, and there’s a lot more people there to correct your mistakes. People on LangCorrect are also very helpful, it’s just a smaller userbase so you won’t get as much feedback. The design of both apps themselves are excellent too imo.

They have a bit of different vibes too. HelloTalk has a bit more of a social media vibe while LangCorrect has a bit more of a journal/blog vibe. So whichever you prefer will probably work best for you :slight_smile:


Can confirm. I feel like most language exchange sites have thirsty people trying to use it as a dating service. Never dealt with that on LangCorrect though!


as the initial person who brought it up, yes, wayyyy to many guys thinking it’s an “exotic dating site”
some guys, especially older ones, are more serious about learning, and the girls are mostly okay, but it takes some filtering of people to get them lol

(this part is a general recommendation regarding the site and not a respond to meagstudies:)
I recommend initiating on your end on people who look like they’re serious about it, check out their moments, how they react to comments, how many followers/follows they have etc, the more moments they have the more likely they’re actually trying to learn (I can recommend some of the people I talked to in private if you want to look through their profile).

Searching for people and posts that are very blog-like is a great way to find serious people there for example.
I’ve seen some of the Japanese girls there write on their profile “girls-only”, which is kinda sexist but it does help to some extent? I guess