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So I gotta say, this chapter has really started to make me side-eye this whole “let’s go hang out with the apparently friendly natives” part of the plot. I was thinking about if I were in this situation, and in that case it’s basically a straight-up horror scenario. You’re kidnapped against your will, brought to a place you could never possibly find your way home from, have to live with a group of people who’s language and culture you don’t understand, and are immediately put to work as soon as you arrive there.

And all these descriptions of the gente de la neblina just make me dislike it all more. Their society is one of those “perfectly in tune with nature” kind, opposite from our Western-living group so far, and it definitely gives me those kind of “noble savages” vibes, where these guys are somehow inherently better because of it. And sorry Alex, I don’t believe you can understand what they’re saying based off of “vibes” or “listening with your heart”; that’s utter bull crap.

Honestly I’ve been wondering if they were kidnapped to help recover from a decreasing tribe population. :neutral_face:

Gotta say, this whole chapter was pretty sus, and I would like to return to the “hunting possibly magical beasts” part of the story.

My thoughts on chapter

Alex is more prepared for this adventure than I anticipated, and gave a very good account of himself climbing the side of the waterfall. His rescue was very impressive although he doesn’t appear to have impressed anyone in the tribe. And his flute skills were very calming when things got heated.

Beautiful description of the village, a very magical feeling place. I love that like the Indians, the village itself seems to be able to appear and disappear at will.

I was surprised at his reaction to holding Nadia, in my head she is a lot younger than him, although looking back he says she looks about 12-13 years old. Still felt quite an age gap. I like their friendship but I don’t think I want it to turn into a romance, hope that’s not where it’s going.

And then even more surprising they both got naked, without any fuss. In face it felt more uncomfortable to be dressed when everyone else was naked. And of course Alex is now happy to eat whatever food he is presented with!

Response to eefara

That’s an interesting take on the chapter. For me this chapter felt kind of dream like. They’ve been kidnapped but there isn’t a fear like you would expect. They are in a desperate situation but very relaxed. Alex in particular seems very composed.

I guess the magical elements contribute to that as well. Especially when he recognises some of the scenery from his previous visions.

I’m interested to see where this is all leading to. Happy to put monster hunting on hold for a bit.

Response to my response

I’m probably just way over-analyzing the situation; it is interesting that he recognizes scenery from his waking dream here. I just hope he can get back home at the end…

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I liked the chapter! There were a couple moments I felt similarly to @eefara - when Nadia was afraid to climb and the Indians grabbed her by the hair, for example.

But the rest of the chapter luckily didn’t add to that. I didn’t get the feeling the Indians are intended to be viewed as ‘noble savages’. Except for Alex’s musings before going to sleep, the narration has been very neutral in that regard. We’re presented with facts about how they live and what they do at the moment, but we’re not told how to feel about it. I think we’re just being shown the differences. And at least in the beginning, those differences rather showed the Indians in a negative light imo.

I’m happy enough to learn more about the tribe, but I hope we get some more magic :sparkles: soon either way! Especially curious about that magic powder. I’m pretty sure Alex will see the other world again soon…:eyes: