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Chapter 12

Wow, what to say about chapter 12?! Did the children really just drink soup made from ground up human bones!! :nauseated_face:

It’s such a strange set up these two being in this village. It feels very surreal and hard to believe how much danger they are in. I keep thinking it feels like they are at some strange summer camp playing cowboys and Indians, and Alex is not really fleeing for his life while being chased by drugged up tribesmen.

I did enjoy their journeys as their spirit animals. I don’t remember if we knew before that Nadia’s was an eagle. I wonder what is the significance of the three glass eggs?

What an ordeal for Alex to enter to be initiated as a man. Once again I wonder what their parents would think if they knew what he was up to!!


No, I think this is the first mention of it iirc.

Speaking of which, did Alex literally turn into a jaguar during his initiation ritual, or was the text just being poetic? Those fire ants at the end… I bet he felt like he was dying. :fearful:


I definitely read it like that, but I’m not the best at Spanish, haha. Seems like this is where the magic becomes really apparent though.

… I just now finished this chapter after a 10 day! break from this book.


I think it seems perhaps deliberately vague what happens when he changes into his totem animal. He certainly could physically change into an animal but that would seem a big step up in the magic levels compared to what else is going on. I can kind of visualise him simply going there in his mind and the others cheering as they see him prowling and roaring.

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