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I hadn’t realised that tepui can be used as in English too. I came across this New Scientist article describing the Amazon tepuis.


It was nice having a chapter about Nadia for a change. Even if nothing much happened, although I did like her task of solving how to take the eggs. That felt a bit Harry Potterish actually, but maybe that’s because I’m reading Harry Potter at the same time!

I feel like generally when we’ve had an insight into someone’s personal thoughts it has been Alex’s, whereas the focus shifted this week. Alex’s task is clearly coming next week.

I enjoyed the magical scene of Nadia’s spirit leaving her body and exploring a hole in the sky, before being gradually coaxed back, and the way she draws on the strength of her totem animal to achieve her quest.


Oh, that’s neat! Thanks for sharing!

Agreed! I enjoyed the perspective change! I did wonder why the narration constantly referred to her as Nadia Santos, though, first and last name.


Maybe that’s a technique to create some distance, as compared to when we get Alex’s narration. We’re still following him, we’re just also getting a brief look at Nadia here…?

I agree that it’s nice to have that change! She’s been a great companion character, she deserves some limelight. :grin:

I’m still not sure if we’ve seen the extent if the magical elements already or not. It’s been visions, thoughts, powers of the mind and heart. I really like the ambiguity here.