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Chapter 16

Rather terrifying imaging descending those dark narrow tunnels into the depths of the mountain. I enjoyed how he was able to call on his father’s advice and regain his composure when he was losing it.

And so the missions are complete and we leave the tepui. Alex had some moments of trying to rationalise everything. Does he really have a magical healing water that can cure his mother’s cancer? What is waiting for him when he reunites with his party? So much yet to still be tied together plot wise.

Kate Cold felt like a key central character earlier in the book, we haven’t seen her for a long time, it feels like she’s been a rather peripheral character in the end.


You probably know more by now, but let me give my thoughts anyway. :grin:

Same as you, I initially expected her to play a more direct role. I’m a bit disappointed about that, too! I like her character. From what I’ve been able to gather about Alex’s plan however, she plays a very important role in it. It’s basically ‘get Kate to use her power as a writer to influence public opinion’, isn’t it. :feather: She might yet play a bit more of a role when they get back.