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Chapter 17

What a great twist, although I suddenly have no idea what to think! Certainly Omayra now seems very suspicious. Is Mauro really plan to wipe out the tribe by injecting them with some kind of poison under the pretence of vaccinating them? It seems such a simple trap!

Have the kids just got things wrong and become conspiracy theorists and anti-vaxxers? Is Karakawe the good guy and has spotted something odd about the vaccines?

The ability to make oneself invisible without needing an invisibility cloak seems very handy.

I learned a new phrase - if something happens sin novedad then it happens “without incident”. I also liked the word corozonada - a hunch or a feeling (presumably coming from the corazón rather than the brain).

When the Swiss Army knife had all it’s tools out it turned into an erizo (hedgehog) - I liked that description!

And there was a Dracula reference for @eefara :smiley:

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Oh, remind me what the reference was? :open_mouth:

Sabía de gente que teme las inyecciones, pero la cara de Carías era como si hubiera visto a Drácula. :man_vampire:

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Ah, thank you! I remember that now! Amazing how such a simple choice of words can bring a smile to my face, haha.

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