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Chapter 18

Wow, what a sudden violent turn of the story. Was that an editing error at the start of the chapter? It didn’t feel natural the comment about him speaking only a dozen words on the trip being repeated so quickly.

So Karakawe speaks up, reveals his secret identity, and then immediately dies! BTW, measles is such an interesting word in Spanish - sarampión. Another interesting word in this chapter was mequetrefe: good-for-nothing!

Leblanc has a bit of a change in character. I’m not completely convinced by his switch from being a bunch of nerves to being so calm and in control.

I’m predicting a happy ending for our child heroes and their respective adults. I fear Timothy Bruce may yet end up as cannon fodder…

Two chapters to go!

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I was a bit disappointed with this; I thought it was a super neat twist that he was a government agent working with Nadia’s father, only to die so quickly.

My rationalization is that he’s the type of person who’s very competent in very particular settings - schmoozing up potential financiers/people in power, for instance. So definitely a 180° for him, but I could see it.

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Yeah me too. It was a cool twist that he was a government agent, so to then be immediately killed barely the moment the words were out of his mouth was a shame. However, it sets up a very intense finale! I would not like to be in the situation they are in now!

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