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Week two in the bag. I had a few sentences marked as questions for this week, but I’ll type them out later; feeling too lazy now.

We get our first history lesson this week! How did everyone do? Fun fact: トーマス•フロビッシャー is named as one of Elizabeth’s pirates (or Sea Dogs, as they were also known), but this is a mistake; マーティン・フロビッシャー is the correct man. This mistake is also repeated in the first drama CD.

We also get a nice explanation of parallel worlds, and how your dream self is just another you in one of them. I even had a note that read “wtf” when Kaito asked what they were; maybe the concept wasn’t as well-known in the early 2000s? (Which I presume is when the series is set; I don’t remember if anything specific is ever stated or not.)

I’m a pretty big fan of the whole punching scene; Kaito doesn’t really have a great understanding of who Kazuya is, it seems, and Kazuya lays it all out very nicely for him.


How do you mean?

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I was just surprised that Kaito hadn’t heard of the parallel worlds theory, I suppose. Maybe it’s a newer idea than I realize and I just take it for granted. :thinking:


I was also surprised by that! Maybe he just doesn’t read, or watch movies all that much? I’m pretty sure I knew about that in the early 2000s. :thinking:


I think this is just a twist to allow the author to explain it to the readers who may not be familiar with the subject. :persevere: It’s a teenagers’ book after all :woman_shrugging:


An honestly, it’s probably a good idea regardless of intended audience age to say something about the concept in some capacity, just so readers have some basis in it though we’re looking at time travel coming up.


Okay, so some questions I had this week:

Starting on the first page of this week, Kaito and Kazuya are on the train; Kazuya’s snoozing while Kaito eats and reads a local guidebook:


This whole sentence is throwing me. :sweat_smile: Is it something about how Kazuya pushed them to hurry up to make the bus/train, but ended up falling asleep afterwards?

Second: this is right after Kaito and Kazuya get into their fight, somewhere around the 12% mark. Kazuya is speaking:

「おまえの心には踏み込めない部分があるのは感じてた。でも、誰にもそっとしておいて欲しいことはあるから、なるべく触らないように気をつけてたんだ。 そらが、単に『お客様扱い』されていただけとはね…」

The bolded is where I lose the thread of things a little. Kazuya’s saying that he realized that Kaito had closed off parts of his heart to others; but in the next sentence it seems to be saying, “but you wanted someone to gently move in [to the closed off part of the heart], so I was really careful to try to make my way in as gently as possible” (i.e. not “touch” anything)? I know I’m missing something here, but I’m not sure what.

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The first one

Kaito is complaining about the poor quality of the sandwich he bought on the train. He says something along the lines “I’m surprised that such a disgusting thing even exists.” :laughing:

[checked back with a Japanese native because I did not make the connection either :sweat_smile:]

The second one

誰にも - Jisho.org - everybody
そっと - Jisho.org - to leave alone

そっとしておいてほしい - want to be left alone (てほしい = I want you to)

= you wanted to be left alone by everybody (not completely, but ことがある - in part, maybe? Sometimes?)

触らないように - made it so that I did not touch

= so I tried hard not to touch these points.

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First question

Ah, okay. That makes sense, although I’m still not sure I understand how the sentence equates to that. Something like this?


あー、マジぃ。= Ew, disgusting.
ここまで激マズだと、= Something as mega-gross as this
いっそ感動するよな… = I’d rather have not experienced (? like, I’d rather (いっそ) the sandwhich have not made a strong impression (感動するな) on me?)

Second question

Ah, that was what I was missing. What is that でも doing in the sentence, then? In the first one Kazuya acknowledges that he realized there were parts of Kaito’s heart he couldn’t enter easily, but then follows up with, “でも, […] I was careful not to touch those parts.” Is でも being used in different-from-the-usual sense of “but” here?

First question

いっそ感動するよな means something like びっくりする according to my Japanese friend. Jisho gives “strong impression” here: 感動 - Jisho.org

Something as mega-gross as this, I’m surprised [that such a thing even exists].

Second question

OK, so I checked back again with my Japanese friend, and it turns out that the meaning is different from what we had expected :grin:

It is to be read like this:
誰にも [そっとしておいて欲しい] ことはある - everybody has these parts/areas where he wants to be left alone :exploding_head:

I think that’s clear, then?

“I felt you did not want me to touch upon these parts. But, as everybody has these parts, (it was ok for me / I just) was careful …”

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I agree with nikoru in all parts.

for ここまで激マズだと、いっそ感動するよな… my brain went “it’s so bad, it makes you want to cry.” :rofl:


Thank you @nikoru, it all makes sense now. ^o^ That いっそ感動するよな is tricky, I’ll have to keep out in mind.

Edit: ah, part of the issue was that I was misreading 感動するよな as 感動するなよな. :person_facepalming:

I got a chance to continue listening to the drama CD, and as far as I can tell, for the parts they kept in, it’s pretty much word-for-word for the book. I didn’t have the book on me to compare with, granted, but it’s at least pretty close. Kazuya’s VA did a great sounding extremely angry here.

This section also only covers part of the second track, from 00:00 to about 09:07.


Just catching up on week 2 now!! :grin: Oh boy, character growth. It turns out that it was Kaito who had his heart closed off the entire time. The teen angst!

I am looking forward to seeing what happens to Kazuya? I think there was some foreshadowing when the boys talked about parallel worlds and how Kazuya wouldn’t want to stay because he has too much holding him back in the real world, but what will happen to the two of them? If they get separated after their dramatic fight, that’d be a little sad!


Kaito didn’t have much time to dwell on their “fake” friendship, huh. At least Kazuya was pretty straightforward about things and cleared up the air a bit.