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Summary - Japanese




Summary - English

A sweet shop tucked away in a town. This store, run by a bear and a salmon, is only open at night.
All they serve is hot tea and a sweet dish. Tonight, too, people who are tired and want to cry wander into this store.

The night they gave up on their dreams,
The night they think of their loved ones,
A night when you hate yourself.
-On those nights, it’s okay to shed a tear in this store.

In addition to 52 pages of newly illustrated stories from another point of view, unknown to the main characters, 11 recipes for sweets are included.[/details]

:exclamation: A free version of the book is available which doesn’t include the recipes or extra side stories.

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Reading Schedule

We’ll all read the main chapters, and those who have access to the full version have the option to read the extra content every week if they want to. :slightly_smiling_face:

Week Date Chapters (free version) Chapters (full version) Extras
4 Mar 18 10, 11 last two 第三夜 chapters last two 第三夜 additional stories & epilogue
Chapter titles
Part Full version Free version
プロローグ 第1話 プロローグ
第一夜 会社を辞めたOLさんといちご大福 第2話 会社を辞めたOLさんといちご大福
落ち込んだ新人さんが干し柿を拾う話 第3話 落ち込んだ新人さんが干し柿を拾う話
夫を亡くした奥さんと梅酒ゼリー 第7話 夫を亡くした奥さんと梅酒ゼリー
3x Another Story
第二夜 私だけのパフェ 第6話 私だけのパフェ
ギャルとばあちゃんとマフィン 第4話 ギャルとばあちゃんとマフィン
がっちゃんのココアクッキー 第5話 がっちゃんのココアクッキー
3x Another Story
第三夜 心配性なお母さんとバナナケーキ 第8話 心配性なお母さんとバナナケーキ
緑のライオンと栗きんとんのパイ 第9話 緑のライオンと栗きんとんのパイ
3人の青春とプリン 第10話 3人の青春とプリン
夕暮れのチーズケーキ 第11話 夕暮れのチーズケーキ
4x Another Story

Discussion Guidelines

  • Spoilers should always be hidden using spoiler blur.
  • When discussing a specific section, please mention where you are in the book, ideally by chapter so people reading different versions have a clear point of reference.
  • Feel free to read ahead if it’s exciting, but please refrain from spoiling ahead of the appropriate week.
  • If you have a question about grammar, vocab, cultural things, etc - ask! That’s a welcome part of the discussion too, and other readers will be happy to help.


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I just finished the last story in the volume and this was definitely a worthwhile find. I like how the actual cafe is only a small part of each story, especially with the follow-up episodes, but it always gives that little nudge the person needs. Definitely a very good pick for the book club.