Week 5 of マルコと銀河竜 ✨🐉

Week 5 October 21 2023
Character count 15945 characters
Stopping point CG image percentage 84%
Stopping point description Tera character screen
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We’re playing this VN as part of the Visual Novel Reading Club.

How to see your current CG image percentage
  1. Go back to the title menu (via settings window “TITLE MENU” or via File->Back To Title on Steam in windowed mode). No need to save, you can easily continue.
  2. Click on “Extras”.
  3. Click on “CG Mode”.
  4. At the bottom you can find the “Acquisition rate”. This is the total amount of CG images you’ve seen, completely unrelated to the current save file.

Discussion Guidelines

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  • Don’t hestitate to ask questions! I know that some of you might be feeling shy, or don’t want to bother others with their questions, but you don’t have to worry: People love answering questions. You’re making the thread more lively, and you’re also helping anyone who has the same questions. So please, ask a lot of them!
  • Join the conversation — it’s fun!

Participation Poll

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I ended up finishing the VN last weekend. :see_no_evil: but am looking forward to what people have to say. :face_in_clouds:


I’m also looking forward to your thoughts in a week then!


So… The Love were always there, and the whole school council just forgot to mention it to the main cast? :laughing:

Seems pretty much impossible to get rid of them completely though, unless they only stay in this town for some reason? I wonder what the rest of Earth is like…