Week 6 | ひぐらしのなく頃に奉 Ch. 1 鬼隠し編 👹 | Visual Novel Reading Club


Week 6 May 3 2024 - May 9 2024
Character Count ~19k
Stopping Point Onikakushi Day 9-2 Part Start
Last Dialogue テレビで見た灯篭流しのような華やかさはなかったが、雛見沢の住人として認めてもらえたような、通過儀礼的な心地よさがあった。
Unlocked Tips Nothing Unlocked
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We’re playing this VN as part of the Visual Novel Reading Club.

This week’s end screen:

Just before the poem:

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It’s easy to miss where we are stopping this week, specially when the next week’s portion is small. It might happen like to me I missed it and just kept going so I’m done for the next week’s portion too :sweat_smile:.

Is just before the poem.