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Chapter Start date Title End page Pgs in Ch. Wk #
8 29 Apr La expedición 116 20 7

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This week’s key vocab:

Loro - parrot
Cotorra - parrot
Papagayo - parrot
Guacamaya - parrot

This week’s thoughts

Wow, it suddenly got a lot more dangerous! One death and one near fatal anaconda attack! Now it feels like we are really in the jungle. Alex seems surprisingly chilled and showed bravery in helping fight the anaconda. I liked the end of the chapter where he could see his mother in the darkness. And is he getting less picky? Glad he tried the snake - what a surprise, it tasted like chicken!


:scream: :parrot:


Long chapter this week, but short one next~ Pretty bad burn on his dad’s pancakes; “I’d rather eat overcooked anaconda that was seconds away from killing a man than your pancakes”.

Thinking about it, it’s interesting how distant Alex can seem from things at times. I’m definitely appreciating it; I’d rather the current writing style than us getting to hear about how hot/tired/sticky/hungry/etc he probably is at all times. We also don’t get much of his feelings regarding the other members of the expedition; more seems to be him observing others’ reactions. There’s not even much bonding with his grandmother, interestingly.


I finished the chapter today - which means I should be able to strat the current weeks chapter this week, even! :joy:

I liked the chapter! Leblanc is showing to be more and more cruel and self-interested. He’s such a small person! If he’d gotten even a broken toe bone he’d be hopping on that boat to the nearest hospital ASAP. :roll_eyes: Oh well…

Alex finally started expanding his palate! I’m glad the book won’t end with him malnourished, haha.