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9 6 May La gente de la neblina 134 18 8

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Looks like your table for this week’s reading is a little off in the home post, @HopeWaterfall.

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Can you tell me where?
Edit: Nevermind, I got it.

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Thanks for keeping us all on track @HopeWaterfall, appreciate you putting the threads up each week.

Chapter 9

What a great ending to the chapter. I love the connection Nadia has with the indigenous people. Such a magical scene where Alex realises there are twenty of them around him. And I loved he joined in painting and decorating himself with her earlier in the chapter.

Caught out by Nadia and Nadie again - Nadie contestó

So as the body count mounts I wonder if Alex’s dad really thought this through. I feel like at some point his mum is going to get better and ask where Alex is, and say “You let him go where…?!”

That guy’s death was pretty vicious, his head was twisted round and facing upwards. Alex and Nadia seem to have taken it in their stride though, in fact Alex seems to have found an inner peace!


This came up in Bestias and Harry Potter in the last week. Not sure I’ve seen it before. Such a good word, although difficult to pronounce!


So I meant to ask this last week but forgot: has it been mentioned how bad Alex’s vision is? Every since his glasses got destroyed I’ve been feeling an increased amount of anxiety. :stuck_out_tongue: But he doesn’t seem to be too concerned…


I finally got around to starting this chapter yesterday - it says 8 pages in the op, but I think it should maybe say 18. :see_no_evil:

So far everything’s been right on the edge between fantastical but realistic and outright fantasy. What I mean is, so far everything could have sprung from Alex’s imagination. I like that sort of ambiguity.


So apparently I can’t count :see_no_evil:
I dread to see if every following page count is also wrong, idk how I messed this up


Ooooh, no wonder I was wondering why it had taken me so long to read such a short week. :open_mouth: I thought I was just having an off week or something…