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  • Even if you don’t read the chapter(s) in time, you are still encouraged to post your thoughts.
  • The google sheets is here to help you with vocab, grammar and anything else you might need. Feel free to add to it!

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Dang; I wasn’t expecting events to go this way. I feel really bad for the adults left behind; there’s no way to find Alex and Nadia, and the longer they’re gone the more likely they’ve died. I’m curious why the natives abducted them; something to do with the Beast, maybe?

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Wow, that has gone an interesting direction. Great interactions with the local tribe. I love Alex’s reflections on how different he has become in such a short time. Another glimpse of the world of the six moons triggered by the drink, still wonder where that is going. Nadia sees the beast - so it seems that the beast is real, but doesn’t attack this time. And where have we ended up - a mountain, a waterfall. Still feel like we are in a place with so much build up, excited to see how the story unfolds.

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