What are you watching today?

Let us know what you are watching in Spanish today!


I just started watching La chica de nieve. So far it’s pretty good, I just hadn’t realized it was a thriller so I was a bit surprised at first.

For the word of the day, in all my years of learning Spanish I somehow missed the word for traffic lights, semáforo. I guess that’s on me for spending too much time reading and analyzing old literature and historic texts.


I guess that evolved from semaphores, very cool :slight_smile:


Today I’m watching Entre tierras. I only have a few episodes left but I’m deeply uninspired to finish lol. I chose it because it’s about someone from Andalucía and I thought it might have the Andaluz dialect but most of the characters do not.

I want to finish this and Guante blanco because they’ve both been hanging around way too long on my currently watching lol