What custom library tags do you use?

So this was a feature I’d actually forgotten about until I saw @bbo mention it in their 百合 thread, and now I’m curious what tags everyone’s set up!

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This actually made me go take a peek at my tags.

I have:

  • Short stories
  • Light novels
  • 漫画
  • Textbooks (<these are generally ones that I have for self-study purposes, like for the JLPT or expanding vocab, dialect usage or something of that nature.)
  • Seitokai Bookclub (<this is updated with books that are read in the bookclub for the discord server I run)
  • Uni JPNS Courses (<these are the textbooks that I actually used in my Japanese courses in university that aren’t considered custom made or self-study.)

Here are my tags!

  • will continue at higher level
  • have read in english too
  • own physical copy
  • participated in book club

I’ve been thinking of adding genre tags too, at least until genres are (hopefully someday) added to the site

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Now that’s a good idea for a tag; I know I’ve got a few books lying around that are still “someday” books.


I just have the “reread” tag so far, to keep track of things I have read twice until that feature is implemented in Natively :slight_smile:

  • 女性向け
  • 男性向け
  • 一般読者向け (if someone knows a better term for this, please let me know :smiley: basically books not aimed at a specific subsection of men, i.e. that have more to offer than big… eyes. :see_no_evil:)
  • ノンフィクション
  • BL
  • R18
  • オーディオブック
  • 紙本
  • 電子書籍
  • おすすめ

Oh, that’s nice!
I’m probably going to steal that organization (once I have the time)

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:joy: :joy: the description makes me giggle, but since I’m not entirely sure on which demographic/genre you’re talking about specifically, I can’t suggest something different :skull:

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@biblio now i’m even more confused lol. I went to go snoop and when I clicked on your 一般読者向け library, I see Yotsuba and Chi’s sweet Home :joy: alas, I cannot find any books that have more to offer than big…eyes :eyes:

general audience… as in… you don’t have to be an enjoyer of the female anatomy to enjoy the contents of the book… I think cute cats can be liked by anyone… same for yotsuba… :thinking:

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oh, so you just meant like slice of life/no pantyshots/R18 scenes? it’s my first time seeing the word 一般読者向け lmao im so embarassed, i thought you were talking about yaoi smut and i was like “i dont really know a way to say that” :joy: there’s someone else i know who refers to yaoi as “more than big eyes” lmao

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I went a bit overboard and added a billion possible tags… then got tired adding them on every book and instead just focused on the first book of each series… and I got tired of that too.
Maybe I’ll just wait for tags to be implemented and use those instead.

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Oh goodness you did! Yes, to be clear these are intented to be more custom lists, rather than tags… not that there’s a big difference there.

But yeah large-scale tagging might be a bit difficult with the custom lists :sweat_smile:

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Wait how do you add custom tags?

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I use the same system as I do on other websites. I have one tag for ‘Medium Priority’, one for ‘High Priority’, and one for ‘Up Next’.

The ‘Up Next’ tag is where everything goes that I’m planning to read after what I’m currently reading. On Goodreads, my ‘Up Next’ list currently contains 13 books, so I can plan quite far ahead, but the list is by no means set in stone. It’s more like a workbench where I’m ordering stuff in the order I’d like to read them (that’s what I usually do, anyway, and I would do that here on Natively too if it was possible with custom ordering * cough*@brandon*cough *), and it’s nice as a reference.

‘High Priority’ is where I look for candidates for my ‘Up Next’ list, which is very useful when you have as many books on your to read list as I do. ‘Medium Priority’ is where stuff goes that I’d quite like to read, but that I feel aren’t quite ripe for reading yet and so would like to wait a little with (e.g. until my Japanese is better, or the premise doesn’t seem as interesting as many of the titles in ‘High Priority’).

All untagged items essentially constitute an informal ‘Low Priority’ list, where everything goes that I would like to read at some point, maybe.

I do have tags related to genres and types on Goodreads, but I haven’t actually used them yet, so I may or may not implement something similar for Japanese books in the future.


I was checking the things on your “up next” list, and

The story follows an early middle-aged office worker who suddenly transforms into a magical girl while trying to protect a kid from a monster.

That sounds like a really fun story!
I’m adding that to my wishlist as well.


Yeah, I got interested in it thanks to Athakaspen’s review as well. :smile:

Just need to figure out if reading manga digitally works okay, or if I’ll try and find it physically instead.

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@Arctagon @Naphthalene i’ve read some of it in English and I’ve enjoyed it so far! I didn’t even know it was on Natively, so I’m adding it to my library as well lol

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