"What should I read next?" Megathread

I am happy to do ハサミ男 basically any time! Seems like you and @yukitanuki may get to ハンチバック first though? I’ve read that one already unfortunately, but I will be lurking the thread! Enjoy :slightly_smiling_face:

I was intrigued by the cover of 俺俺 from your 積読 list and checked the summary, by the way. It really seems like an “omk book”. :rofl:


Cool, I’ll set up a thread for ハサミ男 today or tomorrow then, and we can start whenever we feel like it. I don’t mind reading several books at once, as you may know, so ハンチバック in 1-2 weeks won’t be a problem. I’m likely to start at least one more in the meantime anyway :sweat_smile:

It does, doesn’t it? I really hope I like it. I’ll keep you posted once I get to it.

@cat - No problem. I just had a look at the in-progress books in your profile and it’s possibly a new record :sweat_smile: Just give me a shout whenever you’re ready.


It is not on your 積読 list, but I will try anyway (:smile:) since you mentioned 三浦しおん and I noticed you have already read 神去なあなあ日常 | L33 | Natively.
I enjoyed that one immensely and am planning to read its successor 神去なあなあ夜話 | L33 | Natively soon and would enjoy to have company.

@nikoru: I am afraid I do not know whether this would work well as a stand-alone book or not. :thinking:

Alternatively, I would also be interested in 舟を編む | L35 | Natively.

Edit: Realized I posted a link to the mini-series and not to the first book, tried to change it and now it seems not to do me the favor of converting the link properly anymore. :sweat_smile:


Hmm, I tend not to read series (even such short ones as this) because I like the excitement of something completely new with each book, but on the other hand, I did really like 神去なあなあ日常, and reading 神去なあなあ夜話 would help me fill the “complete a series” bingo square with just one book. :thinking:

You know what, I’m in! When would you like to start? :grin:

(it would be a very strange book club, starting on the second volume as it does, but never mind that)


Wow, great!! :star_struck:

Would beginning of April still be ok for you? I am reading something else right now and that would give me time to finish that first.
Besides, that would give others at least a chance to read the first book in the series beforehand and join us for the second one. (That said, I would be fine to wait if anyone wants to join and needs more time than that, of course!)

Exactly my plan! This one will fill my “finish a series” bingo square, too. :sunglasses:

(Indeed an unusual book club…)


April sounds great. I wonder if I should go ahead and make a thread for both books in case people want to read and discuss the first one too, now or later. Or would it be too confusing to have two books in one thread? :thinking:

@bungakushoujo ハサミ男 thread is up!


Hurray! :partying_face: pinging @Biblio too since I know she has a copy and maybe wanted to join as well


Oh, I would very much like to leave that up to you. Sounds fine to me, but I guess you have way more experience with book clubs than me. Thank you for offering to set up the thread! :smiling_face:


Figured out only today how to write in small letters - wanted to reply to your comment the same way :grin: - and how to add Natively book links (not the hyperlink version with preview). Happy that thanks to you I may take things slowly and leave the „how do I set up a thread“ question for another day.


Thread for Kamusari (both books for now) is up! :slight_smile:


Oh yes! :sweat_smile: And also maybe finally 糞尿譚? Need an award winner right now :grin:
But I think I need some time before being able to dive into one of them; on the one hand I started 後鳥羽伝説殺人事件 and it’s going way slower than I had anticipated for me (police novel huh) but I’m planning to stick with it this time around (after dropping 半落ち because it was so slow for me) :crossed_fingers:
And I’m also currently in the process of being roped in to taking N1 in December :cold_sweat: which will take quite some time for me to study (but otoh I feel that it would be a good step up right now, so that’s totally fine) which means I will cut down on reading to a certain extent :persevere:

Thanks for thinking of me! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: I’m currently trying to focus on reducing my TBR pile, so I would rather only read the first volume at the moment. If I find the time… :sweat_smile:

To get back on topic, today I plan to finish this week’s reading of 黒い森 and then continue with 後鳥羽. (And also 銭天童 on the side.) From March 16th there will be the next volume of the Saikawa&Moe series over at WK.


I’m currently having my confidence destroyed by 砂の女, so until I finish that (and take some time to recover) I don’t think I’ll be trying anything else that hard. But it’s in the plans for later this year for sure, especially as I learned there’s an audiobook available - it should help with those paragraphs running on for pages on end.

Why not join us for ハンチバック | L31 | Natively then? It’s an award winner, short, and should be significantly easier.


Uh, you know, I promised in this thread to finish some of my started books before starting new ones :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: the counter is at 36 now :rofl:
and I also want to cut down on my TBR a bit, so not trying to buy too many books rn :sweat_smile: :sweat_smile: the counter is at 200+ now :crazy_face:


I’m approaching the end of きつねのはなし | L32 which is a great book but sadly doesn’t tick any new bingo squares for me; and my bookclub workload has dropped a lot too. What book from my TBR pile should I read after that?

  • set in a workplace
    舟を編む (I read the first 60 pages of this last year and then stalled; didn’t dislike it, just other options were more appealing)
  • last book in a series
    遠巷説百物語 (last in the 巷説百物語 series which I think is fantastic)
  • nonfiction
    日本語で読むということ (a collection of short essays mostly about books and reading)
  • book with no gradings, ratings or reviews
    紫水晶殺人事件 (I picked this up randomly second hand years ago, and know pretty much nothing about it or the author; I doubt anybody else has this on TBR and I trust you all not to deliberately snipe me, but maybe I should get to it sooner rather than later :slight_smile: )
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I’m not sure if there will be any takers, but I have a few books on my TBR list that I want to read in the short to mid-term and it would be fun to find a reading buddy (or buddies) to make an informal book club to read with. :blush:

I made a list with the books here:

If anyone is interested, let me know!


カワイソウ、って言ってあげよっかw - I can’t tell if this is something I’d like or not. The cover says no, the author’s other works say no, the summary and reviews say possibly. But it’s been on Bookwalker’s first page for weeks now, and ever since I saw it I keep trying to find why the girl on the cover looks so familiar. Very, very familiar.

屑の結晶 - Why on earth does the cover look like a youth romance? I looked up the author and I had vaguely placed another book of theirs on my wishlist. This is also a maybe from me.

私が失敗した理由は - I already have another book by this author, and logically I should read that one first in case I don’t like their style, but black humour mystery? Count me in!

木になった亜沙 - Always happy to read some more 今村 夏子!


Well, that wasn’t a close vote, so 遠巷説百物語 | L42 it is!


Why not start from the 今村夏子 book since we are both fans and work our way backwards depending on our schedules and interest? :grin: I would be ready to start in maybe a week or two…how is your reading and life schedule looking?

It is being heavily promoted, but it’s new so there aren’t many reviews yet! :smiling_face_with_tear: The summary has me intrigued, though. It sounds like it has the potential to be kind of a mashup of 辻村美月 and 朝井リョウ. I like both of those authors, but don’t love them…so hopefully the combo makes for something great (if the book really is similar to theirs)? At any rate, it sounds like a very modern and fresh story. :joy:


I generally just say yes to everything that interests me until I’m overwhelmed :joy:
I’m now only reading the one book, so I certainly have room for more. I’ll be starting 神去なあなあ夜話 on the 15th and 蛇にピアス on the 27th. Next week or the one after sounds perfect, I think. :thinking:


How about from the 8th then? :smile: Anticipating that it’ll be a fast and easy read that we can squeeze in. I can set up a thread for us sometime this weekend.


Sounds great!

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