"What should I watch next?" Megathread

Copying "What should I read next?" Megathread but for watching instead of reading. Feel free to use this thread to make polls, ask for recommendations, or get advice on whether a show/movie is appropriate for your level of Japanese.


I’ll go first, but not a poll this time. Just a question.

Has anyone watched Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood without English subs? I’m trying to gauge how accurate the level 28 rating is and whether I want to watch it with Japanese subs. I’m a bit worried that the military parts will kick by ass, and for a 64 episode show that sounds daunting. I’ve watched a few shows higher than level 28, but in two of those cases (ぼくらの and ヴァイオレット・エヴァーガーデン) it was in fact the military aspects that I struggled the most with. Generally for watching, my comfort level is in the low 20s and my “can more or less manage without issue” level is in the mid 20s. I’ve seen FMA Brotherhood before, but so long ago that it probably wouldn’t be that much of a help. Anyone have thoughts on this?


Wow, I was just thinking today about how helpful it would be if we had this thread, and then I opened the forum and there it was. Thank you for creating it!! Sadly, I can’t help you with your question though, I’ve never seen any of those shows.


What should I watch next?

I haven’t seen any of these, but my friend tells me スキップとローファー is adorable!