What to do about books with multiple other books inside of them?

This is a very specific question, but I recently purchased a book that is basically a collection of around 10 of Dazai Osamu’s stories/novels into one volume. I’ve read a couple of them already but most of them I have not. I’m just wondering if it would be appropriate for me to ask for this collection to be added to the database as one whole book or if I should just request the stories that are not yet in the database and check them all off separately. Thank you!


So, things like this do get a bit complicated. Ultimately, I think you should do whatever you prefer when it comes to tracking. If you’re reading them out of order or only a few of them, maybe separate books are best. If you’re reading them sequentially, the mega book is probably best.

Or maybe you want to review them separately… then separate books would be best.

If you’re asking what’s best for the site, separate books are probably better if they exist. But really, I’d prioritize your own studies first… as someone in the future may feel the same as you. :slight_smile:


adding a follow up question I’ve been thinking of for a while now since I think it’s relevant here,
how does “magazine reading” get categorized?

I myself have yet to try reading by issue but I do know of people who do and it got me wondering how a chapter by chapter reading will get categorized when they don’t have a volume to add yet

(it might not be relevant yet so feel free to ignore, was mainly curious)


Well, if there’s an amazon link for it, I have been adding some editions, but I won’t add all the issues of a particular magazine (they don’t list them as series on amazon so it’s a pain).

Unfortunately, there are lots of things people end up reading that aren’t easily trackable for Natively (webtoons, online articles / news, blogs…etc). The best proposed mechanism for handling these is to allow you to create your own personal book objects whereby you could track that reading. It’s not an ideal solution, but one that I could potentially implement to cover a lot of use cases.

If anyone has better ideas though, i’m all ears.


Well, creating private objects (That could probably be made public in your profile) would fix a lot of things. For example I listen to a weekly radio program, that I wouldn’t mind tracking it down.

The issue comes with that it won’t get grades, or that it could generate spam potentially.