When looking for Collab users in the list, I can't find users by the Roman letters if their user name is shown in japanese

How are you?

I noticed that when I tried adding a Collab to a list to someone with japanese in their name (暁のルナ) I couldn’t find them by looking for the romanization of the name a.k.a the one in the profile link (akatsukinoluna)

Not sure if I’m overcomplicating or making wrong assumptions, but I would guess that users are saved in their Roman letters form so I feel like you should be able to find them by both that and by the username you see

Sorry if I’m overcomplicating/being an annoyance
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Shablul :snail: :purple_heart:

Sry for making things a pain :sweat_smile:

As an aside, I noticed there isn’t any kind of notification when you’re added as a collaborator. Not a big deal, but might be worth implementing in the future