Who are we? (Natively user statistics)

English (non-native) has by far outweighed what I read in German (native) but by now even Japanese (main target language) has overtaken German by a big margin. If I didn’t have to use German in my daily life, I wonder if I’d eventually be worse in German than English. :rofl:


this exactly is pretty much how I came up with the question in the first place :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:


English outweighs anything else for total stuff read (work and internet), but I read more books in Japanese than books in English these days (and if you measure by time spent reading rather than number of books it’s miles ahead).


I think it’s my native language still, but I’m not actually sure. :thinking: I was tracking my number of English books read last year, but have not been this year, so I’m a bit wobblier on that. I was definitely still reading more in English last year, though, just by virtue of having a faster reading speed.


I’ve been reading a bit more in Japanese nowadays, but it’s a very narrow second place to English (my second language/basically grew up bilingual). I tend to get more absorbed when reading in English, but read more regularly in Japanese since I follow lots of bookclubs and try to have a regular language learning/practicing schedule.


I’ve been reading WAY MORE in Japanese this year. In fact the only reason I’m doing any reading in English right now (besides the Internet and news) is because I’m doing a year long slow read of War and Peace online. Although I’m constantly getting behind and doing 2-3 day’s reading at a time.

I keep on checking ebooks out of the library and then not ever reading them :sweat_smile:


Including manga it’s no question; I definitely read more in Japanese. If you only include prose, then I read 50x in English last year what I have read in Japanese so far this year. Though I have put my English reading on hold while I focus on improving my Japanese, so even a single page of Japanese reading is more than I’ve done in English this year.

I feel that. I’m slowly reading through my first light novel atm and I am constantly behind where I’m supposed to be. It got to the point where I added another month to my reading schedule for it because I could tell I wasn’t going to finish it in time. But I’m still behind somehow…


I’m definitely reading way more in English than in other languages. Whether I can be considered a native English speaker though is debatable. However, considering I regularly reread Mother of learning every couple months, that alone easily trumps any other language. Add fanfictions, various lightnovels, scientific textbooks and papers to that, and I’m probably reading ten times more in English than all my other languages combined.

My second language though would probably be Korean, Spanish third, and my mother tongue, French, far behind.


Ooh. I really liked mother of learning. But I never re -read it. It’s so long (at least in my mind. Apparently it’s just about 100 chapters, but each chapter is pretty long). I tried once, but didn’t get far. Too bad that the audio book is terrible.

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Almost 3000 pages, so yeah, pretty long indeed. It’s one of my favorite books. I honestly wish it was even longer, but I can only console myself by rereading it instead.

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Wow, what’s this website? (Royal road). Is it an English equivalent of 小説家になろう?

I don’t think I have read any book in either English or my Native language in the past 3-ish years. At that time, I read one (1) book in English. I can’t remember exactly before that, but I remember an other book in English and 4 books in my native language that must have been in the past 10 years.
Meanwhile, I’ve been reading an average of 3.8 “proper” books per month in Japanese over the past 9 years according to bookmeter. A bit harder to estimate if I include manga, but quick maths using the data on Natively and an estimate of rereads, that would be 7.7 “books” per month over the past 15 years.
Actually, now that I think about it, the moment I could read books locally (since I live in Japan), I just went with that and never looked back :sweat_smile:
@HopeWaterfall’s answer to the question above may change that, though.


Not sure what that Japanese website you’re referring to is. But basically, Royal Road is a website where people write and post lightnovels originally written in English! Everything is free, although authors that end up publishing their works may remove certain chapters, or they’ll have the paid Amazon book for those that can afford it, while keeping it free on Royal Road.


If you’re wondering what to read there, Mother of learning is a good place to start. I also really like Chrysalis and Beware of chicken.
The primal hunter is also a true gem, although the first 600ish chapters have been published and are no longer available on Royal Road, apart from a little teaser.

Just, well, keep in mind that most of what’s popular is also going to be long. As in several thousand pages long.


You can read The Stormlight Archive next. :upside_down_face: Each book is over a thousand pages. The fifth book is coming out this December, and I’d estimate the first five books will total a little under 6000 pages.


Well, it seems to be the same thing as Royal Road, but in Japanese, then.

Giving me some 蜘蛛ですが、なにか? ( I’m a spider, so what?) vibes.

That being said, all three recommendations have the “STUB” tag, so I don’t think I can check them out :sweat_smile:

Same as なろう. I think that’s the standard for that type of media.