Yomitan (popup dictionary) is now available for several languages

I’m not affiliated with Yomitan :smiley: I feel like this information hasn’t really been shared, but since many of the users here learn multiple languages, I thought it might be of interest to you.

These are the languages currently supported:

What is Yomitan?

Yomitan is a pop-up dictionary. You have to upload some dictionaries and then you can open a quick definition in any text with a modifier key whenever you hover over the text:



It can also give you context about the grammar being used, for example showing you the verb in its infinitive form.

Where can you get dictionaries for these other languages?

I found this source (scroll down to assets) where you can get wiktionary based dictionaries for Yomitan for (I think) all of the languages mentioned above.

What if I want to use more than one language?

You can easily switch between languages by adding profiles.

You can then switch by clicking on the profile tab of the extension.


Hope this helps someone out! For me this is really exciting and I’ve been using Yomitan for two languages for several days now :smiley:



Yomichan (the og) was such a great tool for mining flashcards and I wanted to replicate this process for Korean. Absolute gamechanger. :smiley:


I’ve also used Yomichan before! Yomitan brings a bunch of quality of life improvements and they are still actively bringing new features and improving things, so it’s progress in every way :smiley:

I’ve always wanted something like that for other languagens. Thanks