Yuri/GL/wlw book club - Reading: アステリズムに花束を 百合SFアンソロジー

I’m going through the polls and rules and I’ll be honest, I’m not exactly sure though what part of the rules are the “premature optimization”? could you give an example?

I mean you’re asking for a vote on every little detail I suppose. Doesn’t seem necessary to me. I would personally just decide some sort of rule and go with it. If someone complains / disagrees then you could have a vote?

I may not be representing the group here though as I don’t have any strong opinions regarding how we vote here.


I’ll be frank, I have 0 experience in both book clubs as a general, least of all managing one

the every little detail polls are essentially me asking for advice on how to run a book club (like the whole “whether we do a weekly topic or per book” thing), I was under the impression that people won’t mind too much if I ask for advice this way but if it seems that excessive to the point it makes both of you uncomfortable I’ll make sure to minimize it

thank you for letting me know and for co-operating in what seems kinda like a questioning :sweat_smile:
@seanblue @bombpersons


Aah, don’t worry about it. It doesn’t really bother me, so if everyone else is OK with it I really don’t mind. Just letting you know what I was thinking as @seanblue had said something I had also thought.

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No worries. I just wanted to share feedback. I used to run a bunch of book clubs on the WaniKani forums, so I’m used to there just being preestablished rules that only change on occasion. Often when someone creates a new book club they just follow the existing model, so no need to ask a lot of questions in polls. (Also I’m really assertive, so I probably would have just decided unilaterally unless there was a lot of disagreement. :laughing:)


In this specific case, that’s what @shablul is doing. All the polls are coming from the BL book club. People do like voting over there :stuck_out_tongue:


My point is that I would have just reused the rules decided in that club, not redone the polls.

Now I just feel like I’m beating a dead horse (wow I hate that phrase) so I’m gonna leave it at that. Like I said, I can’t join for the first book anyway, so don’t worry too much about me.


No no, I hope I didn’t come out as aggressive or anything. I just thought people might not have visited the BL club and see where it came from (plus I would not assume the same group of people here, so I can see why it would make sense to ask again).


I think the current nomination template is fine

What struck me as premature optimization was the stuff about cutting books, when there’s 7 slots open. That’s a problem we don’t have yet. Like let’s get through the first round of voting & finish a book, and see if we even fill close to 20 nominations for a second round.

As a point of comparison, the LN club is now voting on Book 3, and has removed all of 6 books over 2 rounds).

Along those lines, let’s leave the nomination template as is for now. If it needs to be tweaked for round 2, we can address it then.

Would just like to say that meta discussion aside, I appreciate you taking the time & energy to start/run the club in the first place. While I haven’t run a book club, I’ve been in charge of other stuff before. If you want someone to just bounce ideas off of (now or later) or w/e, feel free to DM me


No, it’s fine. I just didn’t want everyone to make a fuss over my one opinion when I’m barely even participating.


Just a heads up to folks that (I believe) today is the last day to vote!


You’re correct!
Edit: you’re partially correct
It’s still Tuesday here lmao you confused me for a sec :rofl:

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Wait. Man, I’m off as well. It’s just Tuesday. :sweat_smile: Oh well; maybe this will panic people into voting?


This time votings does end today lol


Congratulations アステリズムに花束を 百合SFアンソロジー won :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada: :tada:

in the meanwhile I’m leaving the Should tied nominations for removal all be removed? and the Should removed nominations have a cooling period before they can be nominated again? polls open since
(1) it looks like there’s some dissatisfaction with the nomination removal process so I’m giving the tied nominations a chance to not be all removed (hence avoiding 6 nominations falling all at once)
(2) there’s a tie on the question of the cooling period

I’m hoping people who didn’t vote will do so now since these 2 polls have a relatively smaller number of voters compared to other polls so anything can change with them



So people on this thread don’t like polls :rofl: I get the message :rofl::rofl::rofl:

If I promise to send cat pictures if you participate can I get around 1 or 2 people to vote on the cooling down issue at least :joy: there’s a tie so far and it’s the second least voted of all polls (after the first in the same message :sob: :rofl:)


I think you can use your club lead powers :tm: and be the tie breaker here if you wanna, you’ve done your due diligence to get opinions.

And if there’s out cry it can always change in the future :wink:


I’m honestly considering doing just that if it’s not resolved in the next 2-3 days :rofl:


There you go, I broke the tie. You better do good on those cat pics. :triumph:


There’s a sale on some Yuri manga on BookWalker for anyone interested!

どれが恋かがわからない from the nominations is also included!
edit: 雨でも晴れでも as well!!!