About the Product Requests category

This category is for requesting updates to the website, whether they be features, bugs or large content requests. We love to hear your thoughts! Even if you don’t have a new idea, please peruse the current requests and vote for your favorites!

When creating new topics, please make sure to do the following:

  1. Ask yourself if your request is a book information or book series information change request, such as a title change or link change. If so, please use the ‘feedback’ button on the book / series page… do not make a request here.

  2. Search the ‘Product Requests’ category and make sure your request does not already exist.

  3. If you find a closely related existing request, do not make a new request. Simply mention any additional details in the existing request thread

  4. If you cannot find your request, please make a new topic and abide by the creation template.

While it may be a little bumpy starting the category, hopefully if we abide by the above rules, it will run smoothly. @Megumin has kindly put in a lot of work to get this all set up and will be a moderator for all requests. Big shoutout to @Megumin for taking on the initiative! It wouldn’t happened without him :slight_smile:

Finally, as last note:

WARNING: We cannot guarantee all highly voted features will be implemented

While I’d LOVE to implement everything you all want, I simply do not have the capacity to do so. Prioritization of tasks depends greatly on the following factors:

  1. difficulty of implementation
  2. potential growth impact (increase of number of users)
  3. potential benefit for users (quality of life of users)
  4. number of votes

My suspicion is that most highly voted items will be closely correlated with #3 & #4, irregardless of #1 & #2. But the number of votes will impact my assessment for #3 and I will do my best to do the top voted features in a somewhat timely manner. :slight_smile:

To see our current tasks, see our Trello board.

Moderators for this category: @Megumin