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Right now, when you click an author link, it just brings up the search page. This often includes results for other authors besides the one you selected. It would be good to have a dedicated author page to avoid this. For example, namo brings up 17 results (one volume only) even though only 3 are by that author.

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And/or maybe allow specific “search by author” rather than a single “search on both title and author”?


something like how GR deals with it, would be nice, imo.


or leaving the search as is, but then having 3 tabs: ALL, AUTHOR, TITLE or something along those lines that can be used for sorting the results. :thinking:

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I don’t mind either way whether search is improved like that, but just to be clear that’s not the request and wouldn’t solve the problem I’m having. Using my example, there are other authors with “namo” in their name, making the search page a bad substitute for a dedicated author page.

Perhaps that should be made into a separate request.


ah, I see. I misunderstood. :slight_smile:

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Sometimes the author may go by different names, so author pages may help with that? At least, don’t treat as just a word.

Recently I saw 青柳碧人, but it’s a different case – just missing a space (青柳 碧人)


In such cases I give feedback and the space is removed fairly quickly. This could probably be automated - remove any spaces from author names to eliminate the chances of the same name counting as two different names.

However, in case of actual different names for one author (using a pen name for some books, real name for others, for example), this would need someone researching all authors one by one. It’s probably not worth it, and such cases will be very few anyway.

I think a problem with the search is that there’s no way (as far as I know) to tell it to search for an exact string. So if you need to search for shorter words or names, you’ll get many more results than you need - for example searching for the book あん brings up 369 results, and the book I’m looking for (titled just あん) is not even on the first page. Adding quotation marks changes nothing.


Yes, I’ve done this too on several occasions, but it feels like pushing a boulder uphill compared to doing an automated search and fix on the whole database and putting in a guard against any more instances getting in in future…