Allow for filtering of R18/NC-17 content

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Currently adult content is mixed in with all other content. I suspect some people will prefer to filter it out.
As a note, some series are noted as being adult by TMDB while others (which clearly are) are not.
Example of a movie tagged R18 by TMDB: Call Boy (2018) — The Movie Database (TMDB)
Example of a clearly R18 show not tagged by TMDB: Mosaic Japan (TV Series 2014-2014) — The Movie Database (TMDB)

Using TMDB for initial filtering will probably help, but allowing for user feedback to bucket something into that category will likewise be helpful.

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In general I would absolutely love to have user content tags, where this would probably be integrated with.


Would be great to be able to eg auto private/hide R18+ entries, selectively hide them etc (maybe there’s some smut I want to hide vs arthouse pieces that just happen to have nudity, etc). Granularity!


It was originally bucketed with that ticket yes. I do think that an explicit ‘adult’ marker probably lives separately and is admin controlled, but we could have a voted ‘adult’ tag (along with nudity, sex scenes… etc) too that could inform the decision.

I think i’d follow AniList with auto toggling adult content off. With respect to auto filtering out content with certain tags, i could certainly see that being an easy add! :slight_smile:


Thinking also about auto-hide from search vs selectively hide from user library (eg maybe there’s some stuff a particular user would want to display or not display on their own personal profile, etc, though you wouldn’t want to override someone else’s ‘show to me’ options, of course … just thinking out loud)

As far as I know, there only exists R-15 and R-20 contents in Japan. But this may of course have changed after reducing the age of maturity.

R18 is what TMDB uses which is why I mentioned it and NC-17 is the term I grew up with (&figured other people might have) so threw it in for clarity. Basically all I mean is “clearly NSFW, sexual scenes but not pornography”.

Some films really toe the line (pink films) but I haven’t added any of those :sweat_smile:

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I associate R18 only with sexual content, whereas NC-17 might also be rated that for violence. :thinking: but that’s just my personal experience.

To be clear, NC-17 also includes porn, however a very famous example of non-porn was Requiem for a Dream. Great movie, just a lot of drugs and sex…

So yeah, not only porn. However, I expect the ‘adult’ section on Natively would include a lot of softcore, as that’s… somewhat popular for Japan :slight_smile:


I suppose there’s a distinction to be made though. I don’t consider shows like 痴情の接吻 S1 | L25 and ももいろ あんずいろ さくらいろ S1 | L23 to be ‘adult’ because while there is a sex scene each episode, it maxes out around PG-13 level as I’m pretty sure it’s being broadcast during regular TV hours and there’s no nudity (lots of naked shoulder blades and shirtless men, though). Someone could argue that they’re softcore, though, as they’re quite steamy. And ridiculous, but that’s beside the point.

Meanwhile something like 娼年 | L30 has very explicit scenes with as much nudity as the censors will allow them - but a clear plot outside of the sex, decent acting, and a lot of drama.

Annnnd then there is stuff like Female Teacher's Awakening (1981) — The Movie Database (TMDB) which is…horrifying, frankly. I couldn’t finish it because it was literally a nonstop parade of rape, incest, abuse, and beastiality. The aforementioned ‘pink film’ type.

…I hope someone else starts adding these to the site so I’m not the lone weirdo watching all the raunchy stuff :joy:


So, all of that stuff would not make even decently spicy stuff on HBO I don’t think… at least from your description and the covers haha. I’ve had plenty of requests for manga that were way spicier (ex: like this (be warned, a naked anime girl appears) ).

I’m not sure I’d allow full porn on the site, but manga porn and story telling soft core, I don’t know. We’ll have to see.

General R-rated HBO content like Game of thrones is totally fine to not be marked as adult.

Edit: Request is approved to be moved into Trello as a separate ticket from Content Tags