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Just finished on my way home.

I really enjoyed this book. I did not particularly like the ending becauseit’s a bit too happy, too perfect and it’s happy because he is “fixed” ending. Like he didn’t need to be “fixed”. He was perfectly content the way he was. But up until that I would have given it 5 stars… now I’ll settle for 4. :sweat_smile:


Lol same here. I kind of felt it went off course with the crush on the girl(?) and how everything’s better and his brain suddenly changes or whatever. I really enjoyed the first half… I liked his new ‘friend’ who’s his polar opposite and seeing how the MC navigated the world. And how he got to know and understand more abt his family as he grew up… but at some point I didn’t like where it was going. Like I would’ve liked him to stay as he was but maybe have some strategies or new insights as he matured…? I feel like he grew so much during the book while meeting different people and then the ’he’s cured maybe!’ thing kind of ruined it for me. I still gave it 5 stars bc it did make me cry and it is YA in the end. It’s a very Korean style happy ending lol.

It was like the first book I read in Korean so I ate up every moment. I wonder if I’d feel the same now, having had more reading experiences lol. The novelty of reading in itself could have colored my memory :laughing:


I read it in English translation and totally agree with both of you. I absolutely loved the first half, then started to lose steam after the girl appeared in his life, and from then it gradually turned more and more into a typical YA book with a convenient happy ending and a message about love and acceptance etc etc. It really could do without all that, and be a much stronger book, I feel. I still liked it a lot though.