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This is the home page for the first Korean in Translation book club.

Here Korean In Translation Club | Up Next Almond / 아몬드 / アーモンド we picked

Almond - Sohn Won-Pyung
:kr: 아몬드 | L26 ,
:jp: アーモンド | L30??
:es: Amazon link (tbc on Natively link)

There’s also at least French, Italian, Catalan versions too (probably other languages too).

TBC on more details, start date/schedule/… , I’ll put out some polls in the comment.


Tentatively, I am thinking maybe we could start June 1st?

  • Would be happy to start earlier than 1st June
  • 1st June is perfect
  • Would be happy to start later than 1st June
  • I don’t mind!
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I’ll have to wait for my copy to arrive before I can see the breaks in the book.

I also don’t mind too much whether we have set weeks
(e.g. week 1 pages 1-N, …)
or whether we have more informal style where people can comment on sections
(e.g. in section 8 random spoiler )

  • I prefer week structure - more people can read together
  • I prefer informal style -it’s easier to keep my own pace
  • I don’t mind, I like both!
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If anyone gets a copy before me, do let me know if there’s sensible splits in the book.


I will listen to this in English. It sounds interesting. :eyes: (The translation is supposedly good, so fingers crossed.)
but my hold will take a while to come in, so I’ll join whenever that is ready. At 5 hours, that’s a 1 day listen at most. :face_in_clouds:


I have already read this book so I won’t be joining in, but enjoy everyone! :slightly_smiling_face:


I might also read it in English… It’d be too advanced in French and my Japanese backlog is waaaay too long right now, but I am interested in the story. Is that cheating? :sweat_smile:


Well, technically, I am not a native English speaker, so… :rofl:

Edit: not me making an grammar mistake… quod erat demonstrandum :rofl:


(I did know that, but), if I can’t tell on the internet you don’t get to pull that :rofl:

I did also find the French version, but there doesn’t appear to be an audiobook… I suppose I could try to tts it and then just cry a lot…


Of course, the more the merrier from my point of view!


I already read this so I won’t participate BUT I’ll be interested in reading everyone’s thoughts! Maybe one day I’ll be at the level to read it in Spanish lol…


I’m just about to order it, so I’ll participate. No idea when it’ll get there however, but at least it’ll be relatively cheap.

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My copy has arrived :partying_face:

High level split (based on Japanese tankobon version)

Prologue + Section 1 9-66 (57 pages)

Section 2 67-172 (105 pages)

Section 3 173-218 (45 pages)

Section 4 219-254 (35 pages)

Epilogue + Afterwords 254-276 (22 pages)

Each of these sections are split into chapters, where there’s a chapter every 3 pages or so, so it should be easy to subdivide these too.

Since there’s a split vote between reading weekly/informal style,

I was maybe going to suggest we have
5 threads (1 for each section above), but have a rough weekly schedule.

That way people can happily be ahead/behind and post in each thread, but also gives some structure to reading along weekly.

Is roughly 20-25 pages per week an OK pace to try?

Happy to try slower or faster if anyone has any preferences.