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Rough guideline for reading:

Week Start Date Chapters Pages
1 1st June 1 - 4 18
2 8th June 5 - 12 19
3 15th June 13 - 18 20

Feel free to read at any pace!
But when commenting, please add spoiler tags by week, to allow for people reading at different paces.


Week 1 / Chapters 1-4

What a very dark start! With the murderer and the shopkeeper’s son, it feels a bit like we could be in a Quentin Tarantino style universe, where everything is more violent.

I was a bit put off by him calling himself a 怪物 (monster) at the start, so I was gladdened by background that his grandma nicknamed him かわいい怪物 (cute monster).

So far the vocab feels fairly adult, but the narrative is a lot of short sentences, so I’ve found it quite readable so far.

I did find the start of chapter 2 a little confusing though. I understood that his mum was at his dad’s grave talking about moving on from his dad. But it did take me a while to parse.

I’m still waiting for mine to be delivered, but hopefully I’ll get it soon, so I don’t start too late. I’m really happy to see this book club start though!


No problem! Happy for anyone to join late (even at a later date, if anyone reads after the book club and wants to join in).

Week 2 / Chapters 5-12 thoughts

Some tricky vocab in the medical bit, especially some of the disease names.
I feel bad for Japanese (and I presume Korean too) medical students.
They must have to memorise so many katakana-ised words for conditions/body parts.

I most enjoyed chapter 12 - the Grandma being pretty stoic, but actually ending up pretty kind to Almond (and possibly through that showing her affection for her daughter too - in her own proud way).

I also enjoyed the ‘how to eat Almonds’ paragraph, but I didn’t have any almonds at hand to try it :rofl:

Also enjoyed the Korean phrase/proverb 針泥棒が牛泥棒になる , something like ‘a needle thief becomes a cattle thief’.
Looks like it’s not common knowledge in Japanese, but is a common phrase in Korean.

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So, I am in chapter 23 and the teacher just made the whole class clap for MC, telling him to cheer up after he lost his family. :scream:
I wonder if that happens IRL. :melting_face:


Ahh excited for spoilers. I will reply once I’m up to chapter 23.

I’ve created all the rest of the sections too.

Please do post your thoughts as an when they come to you!