🌰 Almond / μ•„λͺ¬λ“œ / をーヒンド - Section 2

Welcome to Section 2 of Almond / μ•„λͺ¬λ“œ / をーヒンド

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Rough guideline for reading:

Week Start Date Chapters Pages
4 22nd June 19 - 24 21
5 29th June 25 - 31 21
6 6th July 32 - 37 23
7 13th July 38 - 42 20
8 20th July 43 - 48 21

Feel free to read at any pace!
But when commenting, please add spoiler tags by week, to allow for people reading at different paces.

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I wrote this in section 1 before this post was up, so just putting it here as well, since this is the correct place for it. :sweat_smile:

So, I am in chapter 23 and the teacher just made the whole class clap for MC, telling him to cheer up after he lost his family. :scream:
I wonder if that happens IRL. :melting_face:


Weeks 4 & 5 done, thoughts:

This book does jump around genres a lot.
New school life, running an old bookstore, bits of helping others in the hospital, and at of the end of this section, the new creepy/thuggish Goni on the scene.

I am enjoying it though, Almond is sweet in his own way.

The section where he was switching between talking about γŠγ°γ•γ‚“ and γŠγ°γ‚γ•γ‚“ in chapter 29 did really confuse me. I wonder if in Korean those two sound/read almost identically.

@Biblio ,

Yeah you’d assume (hope) no adult would be that insensitive in real life.
But kids I am completely unsurprised. I’m sure the school gossip would be in overdrive.