Korean In Translation Club | Reading Almond / 아몬드 / アーモンド

Welcome to the Korean In Transaction Book club

There’s a tonne of interesting modern Korean writers, so hopefully this club could be a chance to experience some of it.

Probably good picks for this club are novellas, short story collections, but any recommendations are welcome! Anything weird, unusual themes is usually fun for a Natively book.

Recommendations should probably have a Japanese translation, as a lot of us would try to read in Japanese. But anyone reading in any other language would be more than welcome too!

Current book - Almond

Previous POLL

  • Human Acts
  • Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982
  • Eddie, or Ashley
  • Almond
  • Friendly Church Guy, Kang Minho
  • Diary of a Murderer
  • Please look after Mum
  • Marigold Heart Laundry
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I set it up so that people could pick up to 3 they’d be interested in.
Maybe voting can be open a week, so top vote by Fri 10th May will be the winner.


Suggestions so far:

Human Acts
소년이 온다 | L25?? ,
少年が来る Amazon

Kim Jiyoung, Born 1982
82년생 김지영 | L29?? ,
82年生まれ、キム・ジヨン 単行本 | L34

Eddie, or Ashley
에디 혹은 애슐리 - 예스24 ,

아몬드 | L26 ,
アーモンド | L30??

Friendly Church Guy, Kang Minho
누구에게나 친절한 교회 오빠 강민호 | L30?? ,

Diary of a Murderer
https://learnnatively.com/book/5c8fea15bc/ ,

Please look after Mum
엄마를 부탁해 | L30?? ,
母をお願い | L30??

Marigold Heart Laundry
메리골드 마음 세탁소 | L30?? ,
マリーゴールド町 心の洗濯屋さん 扶桑社BOOKS | L30??

Haven’t found translation yet for:

소리를 삼킨 소년 | L25

Does anyone want to add any other books in, before I make a poll? (I might omit the last one unless anyone has a link for a translation)


Is this one not on Natively? Any idea of the general level?

The Japanese translation is 母をお願い.


I couldn’t seem to find it.

There’s sample of the Japanese version https://bookmeter.com/books/21474433
which maybe feels L28-29 ish?

And thank you masooka, have update now.

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I just saw this book has a recent Japanese translation too (not sure if that would make it harder to find?).
Marigold Heart Laundry / マリーゴールド町 心の洗濯屋さん / 메리골드 마음 세탁소

edit to add: i just want everyone to know how hard it was for me to find the title in japanese…I had to zoom in on one picture of the cover from a Korean ad and “type it” (choose the correct picture) into google LOL I have no japanese skills TT


It’s on Amazon for both physical and ebook… I didn’t bother checking other places but I’d be surprised if it was an exclusive. Shouldn’t be difficult to source.

Edit: I also requested it to be added to Natively マリーゴールド町 心の洗濯屋さん 扶桑社BOOKS | L30??


Bump here to note that voting is in progress!


I am generally interested but the top book for me isn’t available as an ebook (I plan to look for it when I visit Japan later this year), and I won’t have bandwidth for this immediately anyways so I’m going to refrain from voting this first round :sob:

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I’m also going to refrain from voting. I’m currently reading 2 book club books and trying to catch up in 3 others :sweat_smile:

But depending on what gets selected I might join in now, but almost certainly in a future round.


found something that looks interesting and fits here


Ooh thank you Shablul! Next time we vote for a book I will add it in.

Another resource for finding relevant books, bizoo shared a helpful site for this

I feel like I probably want to read everything :laughing:


OK, I’ve closed the poll.

:tada: :tada: Almond / 아몬드 / アーモンド :tada: :tada: is the winner!

It looks like there’s also lots of translations (even Catalan), so other langauge learners might be able to join too.

I will create a home thread now.
(this is my first time creating a book group, so please shout if there’s anything I set up wrong, or anything I should do)


OK created here!