Master List of Book Clubs

This thread is intended for easy of access for all learnnatively Book Clubs.

Maybe in the future, it will have some integration straight into the main site and this won’t be needed to be updated any more.

Specific Language book clubs get a list on their own sub-forums.
Book clubs that run in multiple languages simultaneously go in a table below for ease of access.

Table of Contents

Multi-lingual Book Clubs



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As per the poll results, there’s this thread.

@brandon pin please :pushpin:


Suggestions welcome if anyone has for improving the thread/list.


Thank you for setting this all up @Megumin! :pray:


Proposal: We drop listing the individual multilingual books here, and instead just link to the main language book club threads like we already have. I can already see how tedious this is going to be with only two languages: gotta add the table data to each individual language, then once here as well, and that goes for maintenance as well.

You mean the home threads for each book?
Because the book clubs don’t have to be always multi-lingual.
Some of them depend on the voting result.

Sorry, I meant just leaving these in the OP:


Users could go visit the individual language and find the book from there. Granted, there wouldn’t be any record of which books are part of multilingual clubs unless you started cross-referencing stuff… If we wanted to keep that easy to read we could potentially add another column to the other book club tables. Maybe something simple like “Multilingual?” and then list the flags for the language(s) the book’s being read in other than the language of the subforum someone’s currently visiting. So, for example, in looking at the Japanese book club thread, someone could scroll to the LN club and see attached to the end of the table:

(blank for Copcraft, since we only read that in JP)
:kr: (read 本好き in both JP and KR)
:kr: (will read Raven in both JP and KR)
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I see what you mean that it might get out of hand sooner than later, but I’m not convinced of the solution doesn’t create other kind of issues.

Maybe someone else has suggestions? I’m really open to make it as easy to maintain as possible while avoiding sacrificing ease of access / information

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Added the HP book club. Instead of linking the Natively page on the book title like the other table entries, I linked each language version to the flag on its row of the table.