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This thread is intended for easy of access for the :jp: learnnatively Book Clubs.

Maybe in the future, it will have some integration straight into the main site and this won’t be needed to be updated any more.

For other languages, please refer to the Master Index list of Book Clubs

Natively Bookclubs

Table of Contents:

Mystery Club

Cover Title Level Status Links
By Pixels 十角館の殺人 34 Finished :house: :label:
By Pixels 体育館の殺人 32 Finished :house: :label:
By Pixels 七回死んだ男 34 Finished :house: :label:
By Pixels 告白 33 Finished :house: :label:
By Pixels 木洩れ日に泳ぐ魚 32 In Progress :house: :label:
By Pixels medium 霊媒探偵城塚翡翠 33 Upcoming :house: :label:

Light Novel Club

Cover Title Level Status Links
By Pixels コップクラフト 35 Finished :house: :label:
By Pixels 本好きの下剋上 32 In Progress :house: :label:

恩田陸 Club

Cover Title Level Status Links
By Pixels 月の裏側 30?? Upcoming :house: :label:

Informal Clubs

Cover Title Level Status Links
By Pixels レベル7 30 Finished :house: :label:
By Pixels 叙述トリック短編集 34 Finished :house: :label:
By Pixels きらきらひかる 33 Upcoming :house: :label: :chains:
By Pixels リング 35 Upcoming :house: :label: :chains:
By Pixels 痴人の愛 43 Upcoming :house: :label:

Visual Novel Reading Club

Cover Title Level Status Links
Marco & The Galaxy Dragon マルコと銀河竜 ~25 In Progress :house: :label:

Suggestions for formatting, categorizing and other feedback welcome. As stated in title is a Work in progress.

It could probably resemble more to what @seanblue did over at WaniKani, but the idea in including the natively cards is that (it should?) update the level automatically.

The thread itself is a Wiki, so it should allow for editions.

Maybe also a pin along the category introduction would be useful @brandon ?


Thanks for doing this!

Unfortunately, Discourse caches that information which it gets from the meta tags… so it won’t update very frequently. I think the cache is pretty long but still the best we can do :confused:

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Maybe then I’ll do a fancy table, and let people update it as it’s a wiki if it changes.

The current format is going to be painful if the list grows too much.
Also I don’t think the Levels will change that drastically over time.

If it helps at all, the mystery club has a list of past clubs linked in the home thread here. Since it’s a paragraph header it can be linked to directly.

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I ended up doing a fancy table, as it looks a bit cleaner than how it was presented previously.


The book covers are :ok_hand:


I copied someone :rofl:

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I added the レベル7 informal club; it needs to go in it’s own table, but I abstained for the moment since I’m on mobile and it’d end up being a mess. Same for last December’s advent club.


Went ahead and did it since I was on desktop, and I’m still jetlagged and I don’t think I have much else to do at 4AM :sweat_smile:

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caught a few duplicated links in the table and fixed them


@Megumin @eefara I updated the Light Novel Club (or at least I tried to :sweat_smile:).

Also we may want to change the title for the light novel club… it’s now in progress! :slight_smile:


Thanks brandon! I completely forgot about this thread. :sweat_smile: I moved 告白 down so the mystery club picks would be in order. :see_no_evil:

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Went ahead and updated gradings.


Updated Light Novel Club, pending the tag link once the permission issue is resolved.


@eefara I’d avoid putting Korean here, and keep it JP only, is my opinion.

Is already quite messy. Another separate thread in the Reading would be best handling that.

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No problem! I can remove it. I dunno if we need a separate thread at this point for non-JP bookclubs; they’re not going to happen too regularly atm I would think.

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Then, moving it out of the Japanese subforum to All Languages would make most sense.

In any case, I don’t think the format should be like that.

Maybe split the Japanese and Other langauge tables?

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Hmm. Agreed, I think.

That makes sense to me when it’s a definite “our participants are only reading in this one language”, but like with 本好き for example, it’s a dual-language club. Maybe three separate sections? JP, KR (whenever those pop up) and Multilanguage?

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