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Welcome to the Light Novel bookclub’s first pick! We’ll be reading コップクラフト, by 賀東 招二 (がとう しょうじ) (who you may also know as the author of the Full Metal Panic and Amagi Brilliant Park series).

Book Synopsis - Japanese


Book Synopsis - English (translation provided by Naphthalene)

Tilana Exedilika, junior knight from another world. A fair skinned beautiful girl (note: she is 20, though, not sure if that’s still in the “girl” category, but fine I guess).
Kei Matoba, one of the finest detectives from the San Teresa Police Department. Has cat allergy and isn’t great socially.
The two of them have been ordered to cooperate on an investigation in the city of San Teresa, a city connected to another world through an interdimentional gate.
Even as they keep fighting about everything and insulting each other, they track their common enemy. In doing so, a strange sense of trust starts blossoming between them…
A complete rewriting and extension of “Dragnet Mirage”! A thrilling police action story!


Club Schedule

Week Start Date Content Ending % / Page # # of Pages Thread link
1 June 26 Prologue + Ch 1 11% / p41 33 thread
2 July 3 Ch 2 20% / p66 25 thread
3 July 10 Ch 3 29% / p95 29 thread
4 July 17 Ch 4 37% / p119 24 thread
5 July 24 Ch 5 48% / p149 30 thread
6 July 31 Ch 6 58% / p178 29 thread
7 August 7 Ch 7 67% / p204 26 thread
8 August 14 Ch 8 78% / p234 30 thread
9 August 21 Ch 9 + Epilogue 97% / p293 (end) 59 thread

An audiobook version is provided by Audible; please note that availability will depend on your region.

Will you be reading along when the club starts on June 26?
  • Yes
  • No
  • I’ll be reading, but at my own pace
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Which version of the book will you be reading?
  • Physical
  • eBook
  • Audiobook only
  • Reading + Listening
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@Naphthalene, since you’ve read the book before, would you mind weighing in on a reading schedule?

Here are some numbers I’ve pulled from my Kindle copy; the page numbers are all extremely rough approximations I got by multiplying the chapter percentage on my Kindle by the stated number of Kindle pages on Amazon’s listing (275, as opposed to 324 for the paperback). If anyone has a physical copy to check against that would be wonderful.

Week Start Date Content Ending % / # of Pages
1 June 26 Prologue + Ch 1 11% (31 pg)
2 July 3 Ch 2 20% (24 pg)
3 July 10 Ch 3 29% (25 pg)
4 July 17 Ch 4 37% (22 pg)
5 July 24 Ch 5 48% (30 pg)
6 July 31 Ch 6 58% (28 pg)
7 August 7 Ch 7 67% (25 pg)
8 August 14 Ch 8 78% (30 pg)
9 August 21 Ch 9 + Epilogue 97% (52 pg)

The page counts, at least according to this, feel on the low-ish side for a good number of weeks, but I’d need a better understanding of inter-chapter breakpoints to be able to better modify this.


I listened the the first few minutes of the audiobook just to see and it seems like it has good production quality. I’m looking forward to this!


I do not really have an opinion. I remember the plot, but not the exact chapter breakdown :sweat_smile:
That being said ~1 chapter per week seems sensible.


Does anyone know a way to get a physical copy that gets here in time to start? I’d like to use Audible and a physical copy ideally. Done a little bit of quick searching but so far haven’t found anything yet. It’s not a huge deal just thought I’d ask. I can just do the first few chapters audio only.

Depends on where you live, but CD Japan or Amazon will ship via DHL to the US, and it usually arrives in about a week.


If you order from AmazonJP it will definitely get by the start date.

They do a very good job of customs clearance with DHL with their global shipments.
CDJapan are rather new at the customs clearance thing.


I always wondered what exactly they do, because the fee is expensive. I wonder if they kinda import it from amazon.jp to an amazon EU company and ship it from there. :thinking: I haven’t ordered anything via amazon.jp in a long time, because doing my own clearance used to be cheaper (i.e. ordering via honto or kinokunya etc.). Ever since my country changed the import fee laws, buying anything outside the EU has become almost prohibitively expensive either way, though. :face_vomiting: (Which is also why my suitcase is usually 50% books on my return from Japan. :rofl:)


If you are in EU, now AmazonJP collects VAT and there’s nothing to do on your part, and there’s also an auto clearance and no extra import taxes, the amount that AmazonJP charges you is everything you will pay.

Being the Yen so low, makes imports very cheap right now. On the other hand if I buy from a proxy service, then yes, the fee is quite expensive compared to let’s say the postal office, but the process is much more painless so I just pay the difference.

Just as an example, I bought 13 out of print light novels the other day. I paid 2.88EUR to import them to DHL, and since it’s a low value declaration, they didn’t add a fee on top of it.


That sounds reasonable. Even if I don’t have to pay import tariffs and stuff, just the fact that DHL or the post had to check, makes me have to pay a minimum of 6 EUR as a service fee + VAT (DHL and post are the same in this). So the only time I import stuff is in bulk orders. I really miss my snack box from Japan. :disappointed_relieved:

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Although the book club hasn’t started, to not derail more the conversation I’ll send you a DM :sweat_smile:


My copy just arrived, here are the page numbers:

Chapter Page
Prologue 7 - 19
Ch 1 22 - 41
Ch 2 42 - 66
Ch 3 67 - 95
Ch 4 96 - 119
Ch 5 120 - 149
Ch 6 150 - 178
Ch 7 179 - 204
Ch 8 205 - 234
Ch 9 235 - 283
Epilogue 284 - 293

Reminder that you can download a word list for this book from https://koohi.cafe/ and export it to Anki, if that’s your thing. Requires an account; then go to ‘export user data’ from the extra drop down. Ping me if you have trouble.


Home Thread for :male_detective: コップクラフト :horse_racing: からディスカッションを続行:

It’s also on jpdb, if someone is interested. I haven’t anki’d in a while. :see_no_evil:


Thank you, MinTea! So here’s an updated version of the proposed schedule with real page numbers:

Week Start Date Content Ending % / Page # # of Pages
1 June 26 Prologue + Ch 1 11% / p41 33
2 July 3 Ch 2 20% / p66 25
3 July 10 Ch 3 29% / p95 29
4 July 17 Ch 4 37% / p119 24
5 July 24 Ch 5 48% / p149 30
6 July 31 Ch 6 58% / p178 29
7 August 7 Ch 7 67% / p204 26
8 August 14 Ch 8 78% / p234 30
9 August 21 Ch 9 + Epilogue 97% / p293 (end) 59

…I was actually really close on basically all of these. I think there were only like two chapters where the estimate was off by more than a page. Not bad, not bad. Anyway, any thoughts on the schedule?


I think it looks great, very balanced! The last week being a bit longer should be nicely offset by already being used to the style by then plus the extra weeks before the next book. :slight_smile:


I figure I’ll give this a shot since I want to try some mysteries and I’m getting a bit bored of Kuma Bear, though jumping up from Level 22 books to level 35 might be a bit too much of a gap. But we’ll see

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Just a heads up that we’ll be officially starting on Monday! I’ll probably start reading a bit early this weekend, just to make sure I’m on top of things…


If you have access to the audiobook, reading & listening at the same time can help you bridge the level gap quite a bit. Good luck. :smiley:


Not really sure how this works but I’m just gonna say I’ll be reading too

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