Book club suggestions

As @seanblue suggested creating a topic for ideas to book clubs
These kinda end up in random topics and so if someone wants to open one this might be a good place to kinda assemble people for interest

Not creating a template or anything like that since I assume that even if someone throws an idea for a book club it might get transformed a bit before it turns into one considering interest/suggestion by other people

Current Polls for Book Club Suggestions

女性向け Book Club
癒し系 Book Club
Children’s Non-Fiction Book Club

Created Book Clubs

Yuri/GL/wlw - Yuri/GL/wlw book club - Reading: アステリズムに花束を 百合SFアンソロジー
Horror book club - The Horror Book Club 👻 😱
Advent Calendar book club - The 2023 Advent Reading Club(s)! 🎄 ⛄ ❄
Children’s Book Club - 🥳 Children's Book Club 📚 [NOW VOTING!]


Created a new post with public results
Whomever voted yes with me I hope you see this message and vote in the other one as well, I’m so sorry for the mess :pray::sob::heart:

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  • yes but another time
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I would recommend closing the poll and creating a new public one quickly, before it gets more votes :slight_smile:


Will anybody be interested if I create a Yuri/GL/wlw book club?

Take into account that what we’ll be reading will depend on suggestions and a poll by anyone participating, I have my own suggestions but part of the reasoning for this club is me looking for suggestions by others and reading them together :joy:

Whomever voted the yes in the previous one I hope you see this and vote again :sob:

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Great idea, thank you :sob:


I’m yes in the same was as for the BL club - I’m not really into romance, but if the plot of the series interests me I’ll read it. So I’ll be following along with voting and such but no promises I’ll read the picked book.


Nice thread! :smiley: I’ve had a few ideas mulling in the back of my mind, so it would be nice to see if anyone else would be interested. Could you link the polls in the first post @shablul, so they’re easier to find?

I’ve got a lot of shoujo and josei manga and LNs I’d like to get through, so if there’s enough interest, it might be nice to have a 女性向け book club. :smiling_face:

Would you be interested in a 女性向け Book Club?
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  • Maybe :thinking:
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This is just an idea, btw, I’m not volunteering to run it. Well, not this year, anyway… :sweat_smile:


btw, at what number does a book club officially open? is there a requirement or a minimum number or something?
does anyone know? lol


@Megumin sorry for bugging you
I remembered that there’s a book club master list and saw it’s yours, do you think it’s relevant to add this thread there as well or is it too small for now or simply irrelevant?


You can have a book club with a minimum of 2 people. Dead serious. Check the informal ones.


thank you!

btw what’s the difference between informal and formal ones if you don’t mind me asking you? I honestly don’t get it lol


I haven’t participated in book clubs yet, but for what I’ve observed, I’d say an informal book club meets some or all of the following:

  • Doesn’t have a specific theme, and it’s more like a one-off title thing.
  • Doesn’t have as many members.
  • Doesn’t have a fixed schedule, a home thread with updating information, or weekly threads.
  • The voting period is usually shorter, and more limited.

Someone with more experience with book clubs might have a better way to tell them apart, but I think in the end is mostly how the book club manager perceives it or wants to handle it.


Formal involves voting and a strict schedule, usually with individual threads. Informal is more loose goosey and will pick and choose what elements it incorporates.


@Megumin @cat
Thank you :heart::heart::heart::heart::heart::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


Tbh I can’t run a bookclub and I can’t even guarantee I’ll participate in one, since my life is currently a mess. But I just wanted to say I’m interested in a classics bookclub. Maybe even Genji Monogatari? (yeah I know it takes years to read it :sweat_smile:, but why not? really even one page a day could be fun)


When I think classics bookclub I think Hyouka :sweat_smile:


Last December I did an Aozora Bunko short story Advent challenge. That was over on the WK forums, but I’m happy to do one again this year on this forum if there’s interest.


I’d be interested :blush:

EDIT: I’d also be interested in short essays, if that’s a thing …


I didn’t look much into which stories I was grabbing aside from length (and avoiding an author or two I wasn’t keen on) so a decent chunk actually ended up being essays.


Oh even better :rofl: Alright, I’m down!