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So far there are no new votes in the poll, so even if we do something it might reach 5-8 people, potentially only me, Luna and earwen :joy: will wait the week and if there is no further interest or suggestions/changes to rules we will start nominating or building a sched to do so or something I guess?

Rules draft idea (open for corrections, suggestions and any criticism)

Some Relevant Resources

Prebuilt decks for Web Novels – jpdb
The Novel Updates site - Web Novels

Platforms for Web Novels


The “can’t be added to natively” wiki for web novels, comics and etc:
(any nominations we will have I will probably add here so if you do that on your own I’ll DM a cat pic as a thank you reward :crazy_face: :kissing_heart:)

Please Read Before Nominating

  • About Content Warning - unless it’s made very obvious from the theme or is added by the author we have no way to know of content warnings.
    If someone here has severe phobias or reactions to some themes you might want to read at a slower pace than others and potentially rely on them to warn you if that “something” makes an appearance (either by asking the forum or asking someone specific in DMs or something, I don’t mind being relied on for this kind of matters either so feel free!)

  • There is no much indication to levels in some of these novels, and while the famous ones will have people who read and tried for us to have an indication, this will still remain one of the “big reds” I think
    I don’t have much of an idea how to play around that honestly (to be fair the only reason we can do this kind of things with less known material another clubs is practically because natively made it possible :joy: Brandon the absolute savior, thank you :pray:)

  • Regarding the previous point - this will be relevant regardless if it was published previously or not since publication purposely edit these novels for a variety of reasons
    (for example: I know from a very well read friend, one who passed N1 without too much trouble, who read the web version of re:zero that it’s MUCH more difficult than the official publication, a.k.a the publication made it more “accessible”)

  • For those worried on this last point - one way to “close the gap” are the relevant addons added in the list below this

About Nominations:

  • Regarding how much we decide to we read - we can filter things that have already finished or adjust “reading x number of chapters” that will look reasonable enough for what we specifically decide to read

  • Continuing a novel once we finished a part of it can also be nominated for example, which kinda might make this club a bit unique since that happen much with other book clubs (unless it’s one dedicated to a certain series)

Relevant Addons

Yomichan - Note that this is unmaintained and has a successor Yomitan

Some interesting things about novels that aren't web novels

Just because I feel like it (and might as well spam it here, might be useful lol) here are some pros to join in!

  • web novels have a wide variety that is all FREE and VERY accessible
    the down side is of course that there is no format other than digital, but if it bothers some people that much printing is technically a very desperate option? :joy: if someone does that please tell me how effective it was, specifically I’m curious if learning these like academy articles can be effective (with markers and writing summaries next to the paragraphs and such)

  • the vocab learned in these web novels will not only be unique in general, but also one that is sometimes even censored or ‘corrected’ in official publications, making this an extremely effective way to learn phrases and cultural references that are otherwise very difficult to find and learn

  • like I previously mentioned, when web novels are published they go through editing and screening of things, this also includes how things that are published are chosen, meaning with enough time we might even find things that aren’t published due to their subjects (from “taboo” to “things that the Japanese audience are less interested in that we might be instead”)

  • the very obvious pro is of course, for fans of certain books and series this is a great way to expand into something you like, and even read a “better version of it” (essentially the rumor regarding Freezer Husband" lol)

  • One Shots and very short things, that will fit for a specific week and stuff like that, will be much more accessible!
    Majority of the time short stories are always part of a book or stuff like that, but since we’re already doing more experimental things we can do something VERY light as break or just generally wanting to read something really cute/interesting and it’s not limited to reading it as part of a “bigger book” (this will be something that I think will fit people who enjoy things like anthologies a lot!)

  • I had more but I want to organize them in my head because some of them aren’t much of a pro and more my fantasies lol


Yomichan was replaced by GitHub - themoeway/yomitan: Japanese pop-up dictionary browser extension. Successor to Yomichan. . They’re mostly identical, except yomitan should have improved browser compatibility,


Oh! I knew it was abandoned but I didn’t know someone created a successor!!!
Thank you!! I’ll add it :muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle::muscle:
(Btw do you recommend moving over to it?:joy:)

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If Yomichan is working fine for you, it really doesn’t matter either way, imo. If you do switch, it’s better to manually re-add all your dictionaries and settings (tho they might have gotten the dictionary import fixed up now… I installed it months ago)


It’s basically the same when using. Moving for me took like 15 minutes but someone else on our discord took what felt like days. :see_no_evil:


(Btw do you recommend moving over to it?:joy:)

I moved to yomitan because yomichan started not working on my browser anymore. I think it’s probably only a matter of time before it completely breaks for everyone. So, if it works for you, no need to rush but you probably will have to sooner or later.

Also, I voted “yes” in the poll in the other thread but, it really depends on what we end up reading for the book club. I don’t generally enjoy common webnovel tropes and genres from what I do know of them. I will try whatever we chose but not so sure I’ll stick with it.


completely fair lol
I myself don’t think I really want to read much if any of the popular fantasy isekai :rofl:

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Seeing as some people who voted in the original poll came here as well I’m going to put some draft ideas for some rules (feel free to comment, agree, disagree, bring up issues, etc, in fact I encourage and want this lol);

  • Nominations will need to be added with some sort of Proof of Quality which can be one of the following;
    (1) the nominating person themselves read this novel and can guarantee quality,
    (2) a formal publication or adaptation of some form,
    (3) a significant amount of following (2K at least),
    (4) the author being well known for a relevant reason (for example: レモン味のラムネ is a novel written by a YouTuber named Yudai-sensei that teaches Japanese, with a particular emphasis on pitch accent, but overall also tutors and does quizzes on Japanese grammar and etc. It should be noted that he uses novels he writes as material for teaching pitch accent in his channel which makes it very effective for learning and easy to check out in terms of content),
    (5) in case the nomination comes from a friends recommendation please ask them for some general synopsis and add it so that we can make sure it’s relevant and not just something they’ve heard of from another someone,
    (6) it has an entry in either novelupdates or jpdb
    nominations that don’t pass any of these conditions can be negotiated, but make sure it’s something legit and not a “it sounds interesting” or “I heard about it on a forum” and etc (if that really is the reason for the nomination you can just read a chapter or two and pass condition (1))

  • Each person will have a limited amount of nominations available (I was thinking either 2 or 3)

  • nominations that weren’t chosen automatically get added to the next cycle

  • if we read the start of something - continuing it can be a nomination in itself

  • as of now we will only accept Web Novels (with a huge “maybe” potential for Web comics, fan comics or fanfics, depending on how things go)


Those all sound reasonable to me

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