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This book has originally been nominated in the WaniKani Profoundly Weird Book Club, but its reading thread is being hosted here on Natively.

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Book Contents

Chapter Start Page Page Count
Chapter 1 9 15
Chapter 2 23 18
Chapter 3 40 16
Chapter 4 55 18
Chapter 5 72 18
Chapter 6 89 17
Chapter 7 105 16
Chapter 8 120 18
Chapter 9 137 17
Chapter 10 153 17
Chapter 11 169 18
Chapter 12 186 18
あとがき 203 4
解説 206 8

We’re planning to start reading this book on Sept 23rd, 2023. We don’t have a fixed schedule, so please feel free to join at any time and read at your own speed! It doesn’t matter when you start reading, even if it is much later than the “official” start. People will still watch this thread and discuss with you later on.

Discussion Rules

  • Please mention which chapter your comment is meant for.
  • Please use spoiler tags for any kind of spoiler-y events.
  • When asking for help, please mention the chapter and page number. Also mention what version of the book you are reading.
  • Don’t be afraid of asking questions, even if they seem embarrassing at first. All of us are here to learn.
  • To you lurkers out there: Join the conversation, it’s fun!

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@Biblio I’m somehow pretty well on track :rofl: so I could start きらきらひかる pretty much straight away or in the near future. When would it suit you to start it, roundabout?

What reading pace are you envisioning by the way? I think of reading it in roughly one week (if all goes well :crossed_fingers:), so if you plan to go faster I could take a head start, or if you plan to go slower then I can slot in something else before catching up on you.


I’d love to join you, but no ebook is a problem for me :frowning:


Yeah, I know it’s stupid, sorry about it :sob:

We will report back whether it was good, and maybe you can get a chance some time…


YesAsia has the book for $6.99 US and free international shipping - I’d be up for joining in, but with shipping time, it would probably be another three or four weeks before I could get started.


We’re not planning to do a fixed schedule, so please feel free to join at any time and read at your own pace! You can still share your thoughts as you read along, and I’m sure people will still respond and discuss with you even when they’ve finished the book already. We’ve read a few books in this fashion over at WaniKani and it has always worked out great. So I’d be happy if you’d join us!


Thanks for setting this up - looks so professional. :flushed:

I currently have another book I am reading physically and I would like to finish that one first. Should be done by the weekend at the latest, so we could start on Saturday or Sunday? :eyes: But if you prefer, I am open to setting the other book aside and starting immediately. :smiling_face:

And pace-wise… my original plan was to take about a week. I will probably start out slow and take up speed as I get used to the writing. :thinking:


I will join if I can get my hands on a copy locally, but will not if not.


Sounds good to me! I will probably be busy on Sunday but I’ll either start on Saturday or Monday.

OK great, so we will probably read at roughly the same pace. :+1:

Looking forward to reading with you and everybody else who’d like to join in!


I’m gonna start tonight and read a couple of pages before bed. :sparkles:

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Excellent idea! I still have a few pages of my current book to go, but the case is solved, and so I can try my hand on this new one as well before falling asleep :star_struck:

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chapter 1, p.14
I get why she uses 脛に傷持つ者同士 but why does he? The mother is relieved he is a doctor because of her mental illness and he jokes about 脛に傷持つ者同士 - is he referring to his homosexuality? Homosexuality stopped being considered a mental illness in the 70s… :thinking:

tbf, being ace, a relationship like this sounds great to me. :rofl:

p.17 just answered my question from above. :sweat_smile:


I ended up reading the first chapter yesterday.

So, we have a mentally unstable wife acting as a beard to her homosexual husband who has aids (or probably HIV, since he doesn’t seem to be actively sick)

Family (or at least the father) of the husband knows about him.

Question is: Why did she say yes to the marriage? Just to get her mother off her back? She does not seem satisfied with her life at all.


She went to a number of 見合い already, and as far as I understand that’s not something that one decides for themselves to go to, and if she is truly aro, then this indeed sounds like the best marriage she can ever get, with a man who has a renowned job and who will never touch her. So why not say yes? :woman_shrugging:

Just finished chapter 2.
We learn a bit more about our couple, this time from his perspective. His mother is already talking about grandchildren and artificial insemination, „because you are my only son!“, as if that’s his fault :joy:
She is alcoholic and depressed, and he is obsessed with hygiene. Does not sound promising for a child, and luckily both are well aware of this.
We also learn about his lover, who seems to be a pretty funny dude (I laughed my ass off imagining that cinema scene :laughing:), and that she doesn’t have a lover although they both agreed on that being okay, and she gets depressed when he mentions that.


I too, just finished chapter 2.

I wonder why she is so interested to hear about his lover. It just seems a bit odd to me. Like, I would be up for meeting the lover, but I would not be prying into their private life. I wonder if her consent to the whole open marriage thing is only on the surface. This book could become messy. I genuinely don’t know where this might be going. I don’t know anything about this book. If someone tells me, she murders her husband and lover, it would be just as plausible as anything else at this point. :rofl:


And since I have more time on the weekends, I also read chapter 3.

So, his lover smells like coke? what? :rofl:
She is definitely obsessing over his lover… maybe the open marriage thing is not something she wants, but she is actually in love with her husband? :thinking:

So far, I am enjoying the book. It’s pretty straight forward language-wise. :+1:t2:

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I am reading chapter 4 atm and excuse me?

Was she really thinking they were gonna have an orgy on the living room floor? wut? It would definitely take me more than 3 seconds to make the connection :sweat_smile: and what exactly was going through his mind that made him blush? :eyes: :rofl:

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It’s been a while since I read this book, so I’m a bit fuzzy on the details already. I definitely liked it a lot (enough that I bought some other books by this author recently) and am really happy you’re reading it now! I’ll be sitting here on the sidelines, lurking. :eyes: :blush:


chapter 4, cont.
Please tell me he was not trying to have “relations” with the dog. :fearful: He is making a joke, right? A bad joke, but a joke. Right? :fearful:

What is this chapter? :face_with_peeking_eye:

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chapter 5:

I really dislike 笑子. I get that she has some mental issues, but please, can you just talk. I can’t deal with adults acting like spoiled 3 year olds. :see_no_evil: Where does he take the patience from? :eyes:
Also, can ppl please stop telling women in mental distress to have a child because it will fix everything? I wonder how many women heeded this advice and now children are suffering because of it.