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Welcome to the home thread for 体育館の殺人! Hope you’re all in the mood for murder! :hocho: :scream:

General, non-spoilery discussion of the book will happen in this thread along with things like voting on cadence and linking of new weekly threads as they open.

Schedule - All discussion threads

Week 1: Misc + 1.1, 1.2 (29 pages)
Week 2: 1.3, 1.4 (26 pages)
Week 3: 1.5, 1.6 (40 pages)
Week 4: 2.1, 2.2, 2.3 (43 pages)
Week 5: 2.4, 2.5 (32 pages)
Week 6: 3.1, 3.2, 3.3(34 pages)
Week 7: 3.4, 3.5 (37 pages)
Week 8: 4.1, 4.2, 4.3, 挑戦 (56 pages)
Week 9+10 (EXTENDED WEEK): 5.1 - end (78 pages)

Details on old scheduling discussion

This book is a little bit tricky to split up, so before opening a poll I’m opening the floor for discussion on how we’d like it split.

Here is what I have to propose so far:
Amazon lists the paperback at 379 pages, on my ipad it’s 340. There’s quite a bit at the back of the book we won’t read (post epilogue) and the first 14 pages are things like 登場人物 lists and diagrams, so not much actual reading. I converted my page counts to match the 379 book to get these counts, so hopefully somewhat accurate:

Week 1: Up to (not including) section 4 of ch. 1 for 13 ‘pages’ + 38 reading pages.
Week 2: Ch. 1 section 4 through end of ch. 1; 59 pages
Week 3: Ch. 2 up to section 4; 39 pages
Week 4: Ch. 2 section 4 through end of ch. 2; 29 pages
Week 5: Ch. 3 up to section 3; 33 pages
Week 6: Ch. 3 section 3 through end of ch. 3; 44 pages
Week 7: Ch. 4 up to section 3; 34 pages
Week 8: Ch. 4 section 3 through end of ch. 4 + ‘読者への挑戦’; 18 pages
Week 9: Ch. 5 up to section 3; 52 pages
Week 10: Ch. 5 section 3 through end of ch5 + epilogue: 22 pages

The ending was a bit awkward to break up as I suspect the 挑戦 is supposed to be a cliffhanger / please speculate here thing and there’s only a couple breaks in chapter 5. The 挑戦 ends at ~290 and the section breaks in chapter 5 are at page ~295 and at ~342.

Character list

This is a wiki, feel free to add but be mindful of spoilers

Name Reading Notes (hide spoilers)
佐川奈緒 さかわなお 二年生。女子卓球部部長。
袴田柚乃 はかまだゆの 一年生。女子卓球部。
野南早苗 のみなみさなえ 一年生。女子卓球部。
増村慎太郎 ますむらしんたろう 教師。女子卓球部顧問。
梶原和也 かじわらかずや 二年生。演劇部部長。
三条愛美 さんじょうまなみ 二年生。演劇部副部長
志賀慶介 しがけいすけ 一年生。演劇部。
松江椿 まつえつばき 一年生。演劇部。
正木章弘 まさきあきひろ 二年生。生徒会長。
八橋千鶴 やつはしちづる 二年生。生徒会副会長。
日比谷雪子 ひびやゆきこ 一年生。生徒会書紀。
椎名亮太郎 しいなりょうたろう 一年生。生徒会会計。
朝島友樹 あさじまともき 三年生。放送部部長。被害者。
森永悠子 もりながゆうこ 三年生。放送部副部長。
津田沼寛治 つだぬまかんじ 二年生。放送部。
蒔田千夏 まきたちなつ 二年生。放送部。
秋月美保 あきづきみほ 二年生。放送部。
巣鴨康平 すかもこうへい 一年生。放送部。
針宮理恵子 はりみやりえこ 二年生。帰宅部。
早乙女泰人 さおとめやすひと 一年生。吹奏楽部。
向坂香織 さきさかかおり 二年生。新聞部部長。
裏染天馬 うらぞめてんま 二年生。駄目人間。
仙堂 せんどう 神奈川県警捜査一課の警部。
袴田優作 はかまだゆうさく 仙堂の部下。
白戸 しろと 保土ケ谷署の刑事。
Open for maps of the school grounds


You’re right, this schedule is a bit ugly. :thinking: Don’t have a copy on hand yet, so I can’t quite help with checking the ToC myself. What’s all the post-epilogue stuff? Is it unrelated to the novel?

The :person_cartwheeling: emoji in the title is hilarious, by the way. XD


Sorry if this is already stated somewhere else, but when do we plan to start? I’m just checking my options for delivery!

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We’ll be starting October 31!


Great, I’ve placed my order and I’m looking forwards to it :smile:


Is the 18 pages here correct? If so, I think it’d make sense to combine it with week 7 for a total of 52 pages, same as week 9.

In our previous book as well we almost unanimously decided to speed up towards the end; An 18 page week that close to the end seems almost mean! ;D


Just noticed that the Japanese title on the book cover is 体育館の殺人 but the English on the cover is ‘The Black Umbrella mystery’. Very odd!


解説 (I almost never read those. It’s basically commentary about the book from some other person I typically don’t know), 著者紹介 (ie, about the author), and 奥付 (publication stuff).


I think 解読 can be interesting and helpful sometimes, especially for older works. But yeah it makes sense to keep it out of the official reading requirements (people can always read and discuss it on their own if they care)


A reminder that there is an audiobook for this novel; you can definitely find it on US audible. Anyone planning to listen as they read? I’m thinking I might do so.


Yeah! It’s included in the Audible Japan subscription I already have, so that’s convenient. Not really sure yet if I like the narration - I might be a little picky… :see_no_evil: Still, it’s gonna be nice to have!


Oh what?! I love listening along with audiobooks and have a free credit. This is a great find @eefara !


Scheduling talk seems quiet so here is the cadence poll, please do let me know if you have concerns:
Cadence 1: 10 weeks: 38 (see notes in top post), 59, 39, 29, 33, 44, 34, 18, 52, 22
Cadence 2: 9 weeks: 38 (see notes in top post), 59, 39, 29, 33, 44, 52, 52, 22

  • Cadence 1
  • Cadence 2
  • I just desire to click a poll

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And just for curiosity’s sake, I think I’ll start including this poll as well:

How are you reading or planning to read the book?

  • ebook
  • physical copy
  • invisible book, I just wanna click a poll

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I haven’t yet chimed in because I haven’t yet bought my copy, but I’m not entirely happy with how there are 59 pages in the first week and only 22 in the last one. Seems to me like many people will probably finish reading in week 8 - it’s difficult to stop when you’re this close to the conclusion. I’m sure it’s very awkward to split, judging by the chapter sizes, but if I have a better idea after I look at the book I’ll let you all know.

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Okay, got the book, and here are the rough page counts based on the Bookwalker web version (so not dependent on font size)*:
( * Note: I ignored pages that only had a couple of lines)

Chapter Length
Prologue 2
Chapter 1-1 15
Chapter 1-2 12
Chapter 1-3 9
Chapter 1-4 17
Chapter 1-5 18
Chapter 1-6 22
Chapter 2-1 8
Chapter 2-2 13
Chapter 2-3 22
Chapter 2-4 12
Chapter 2-5 20
Chapter 3-1 14
Chapter 3-2 11
Chapter 3-3 9
Chapter 3-4 24
Chapter 3-5 13
Chapter 4-1 17
Chapter 4-2 20
Chapter 4-3 17
Intermission 2
Chapter 5-1 5
Chapter 5-2 50
Chapter 5-3 14
Epilogue 9

Now, based on the above, my proposed schedule is as follows:

Week 1 Prologue+1-1+1-2 29 pages
Week 2 1-3+1-4 26 pages
Week 3 1-5+1-6 40 pages
Week 4 2-1+2-2+2-3 43 pages
Week 5 2-4+2-5 32 pages
Week 6 3-1+3-2+3-3 34 pages
Week 7 3-4+3-5 37 pages
Week 8 4-1+4-2+4-3+幕間 56 pages
Week 9-10 (5-1+5-2)+(5-3+Epilogue) 55+23 pages

We have to stop at the 幕間, because that’s the invitation to the reader to solve the mystery. If we don’t stop there, we’ll miss out on all the fun detective work. After that, there is this 50-page subchapter between two much shorter sections, so it’s a little awkward to split. I suspect not many people will want to stop so close to the end, but it’s a significant increase in length, so we could maybe give that last part two weeks and everyone can finish at their own pace. How does it all sound?

Edit: I realize it’s a little difficult to compare, as the page counts do not align exactly, so here is @cat 's proposed schedule using my page counts for easier comparison:

Week 1 Prologue+1-1+1-2+1-3 38 pages
Week 2 1-4+1-5+1-6 57 pages
Week 3 2-1+2-2+2-3 43 pages
Week 4 2-4+2-5 32 pages
Week 5 3-1+3-2 25 pages
Week 6 3-3+3-4+3-5 46 pages
Week 7 (4-1+4.2)+(4-3+幕間) 37+19 pages
Week 8 5-1+5-2 55 pages
Week 9-10 5-3+Epilogue 23 pages

I’ll look for an used copy of the book. If I can’t find one, I’ll go digital.

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I do like your schedule, omk3; it’s a little more even.

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Oh hey, I’m the first physical book reader :smiley:
I actually was planning to try an ebook for once, but my old Kindle 5 won’t connect to internet anymore to send files to it D: back to the ol’ dead tree version for me


I was about to make a vote but I’m a bit confused by this. Are you suggesting the final thread be 2 weeks long with 78 pages of reading?

edit: reading comprehension fail :man_facepalming: it’s been a long day. yes, you state that is what you’re suggesting further down your post


Ok, this was really difficult for me to visualize so I had to put it in a spreadsheet. Too many different versions of page numbers and uncounted pages due to pictures and what not. In case it helps anyone else, here is that, I standardized on @omk3 's page count for simplicity:

I’m listing them both as 9 weeks as the 9/10th week in B is the last thread to be opened and we would leave it open for later arrival anyways. If we go with option B I will make sure to open the next club voting cycle according to 10 weeks, but for comparison sake this was the easiest to read.

With that out of the way

  • Option A, please
  • Option B, please
  • A poll to click, please

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