Home thread for 7️⃣ 七回死んだ男 💀

Welcome to the home thread for 七回死んだ男! Hope you’re all in the mood for at least 7 murders! :hocho: :scream: :clock7:

I happen to have the paperback book, a bit bigger than bunko size. I’ll be grabbing page numbers from there, but do be aware it may not match your copy. Mine is 258 pages excluding the あとがき and the first chapter starts on page 9. Because mine is a smidge shorter than the ‘list’ page count I erred a little bit on the side of caution and keep as close to 30 pages / week as I could.

The chapters are not numbered but titled. Because I know some people find chapter titles spoiler-y I blurred them. Each week will include only whole chapters, thankfully it broke up nicely that way!

Week 1 とりあえず事件のさわりだけでも + 主人公は設定を説明する 19 pages
Week 2 登場人物たちが一堂に会す 24 pages
Week 3 不穏な空気はさらに高まる + そして事件は起きる 47 pages
Week 4 やっぱり事件は起きる + しつこく事件は起きる 38 pages
Week 5 まだまだ事件は起きる 27 pages
Week 6 それでも事件は起きる + 嫌でも事件は起きる 34 pages
Week 7 事件は最後にあがく + そして誰も死ななかったりする 28 pages
Week 8 事件は逆襲する + 螺旋を抜けるとき + 時の螺旋は終わらない 34 pages

Without further ado:

Will you be reading along when the club starts on January 30th?

  • Yes
  • No, but I want to click a poll
  • I’ll read it but at my own pace

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Which version of the book will you be reading

  • Physical copy
  • eBook

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I hope this will be good. I think, I was the one who nominated it, right? Please don’t come for me if it’s bad. :see_no_evil:

Bookmeter was telling me it’s like 400 pages, but it’s “only” 175k characters as an ebook, so that’s not as bad as I feared. :sweat_smile:


It’ll be fine! I nominated 体育館の殺人, haha This looks like the kind of book I’d pick up if I saw in the library, so I’m super excited to read it!


btw. does anyone know if there is a difference between the original (1998) and the 新装版 (2017)? :thinking:

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I think the original is 1995 as that’s when my copy was printed :sweat_smile:
It has the two column format which I’m not super fond of, and a different cover, but I don’t imagine anything substantial would have changed. Probably just a refresh of the artwork and maybe an added foreword or afterword? :person_shrugging:



Funny how both cover versions are so dark, when in fact the book seems to be lighthearted and even funny according to reviews. :eyes:


That also seems to be supported by the chapter titles :joy:


Not sure about whether I’ll be joining this one yet. I think it was part of kindle unlimited just a short while ago (same as ハサミ男), but sadly it isn’t anymore. I’m trying not to buy too many books at the moment… But borrowed doesn’t count, obviously! :joy:

Since I’d be reading the ebook anyway, I’ll decide a bit spontaneously when it’s time to start reading.


Week 1 is open!

I realized just now I should have tried to make the schedule work for 7 weeks instead of 8. What a miss.

Also, I’m going to traveling for work soon and will not have my personal laptop with me during the next two thread opens. No personal stuff allowed on the work machine and book club threads would be terrible to post on mobile. So, the following threads are here:

We’re still keeping the schedule, no worries!