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Welcome to the home thread for Christmas Tina ‐泡沫冬景‐ - the second pick for the Visual Novel Reading Club!

General Info

English Summary

It is the year 1988. Japan is in the midst of the bubble economy. New buildings are sprouting up everywhere, and the people are ecstatic.

The old disappears and the new is born, but there are some people, some places, some things, that nobody notices… or perhaps nobody chooses to notice them.

This is a story of people who live for one year… in such a little corner of the city.

Kanna is a first-year high school student who’s involved in a traffic accident during the summer. She finds herself unable to stay in her hometown any longer.

Jing fails his university entrance exams in China. He spends a year or so working at a job he doesn’t like.

Both of them hear of the incredible opportunities presenting themselves in the bubble economy of Tokyo. Therefore, Kanna drops out of high school and goes to Tokyo. Jing quits his job and goes to Japan.

The job both of them set their eyes on, would have them simply living in an old, run-down train station. Although the job only pays a measly 400 yen per hour, it runs for 24 hours a day, so it really isn’t that bad. They wouldn’t have to pay rent, heating, or electricity.

Kanna is a bit awkward around people, and Jing doesn’t speak Japanese. The employer only wants one person. Neither wants to give up on this job, so the woman in charge recommends that they simply do it together…

Japanese Summary



中国では、大学受験に失敗した景が、渋々と仕事を続けて、1年が経とうとしていた。 そんな中、東京での好景気バブルの噂を耳にした二人。
栞奈は、大学を中退して上京することに。景も仕事を辞め、日本を目指した。 そして二人が見つけた仕事は、古びた駅舎に「住むだけで良い」というバイト。時給は少し安めの400円。しかし住むだけなので、24時間と考えれば悪くない。家賃や光熱費の心配も無い。

Title: Christmas Tina ‐泡沫冬景‐ / Christmas Tina: Ephemeral Views of Winter
Platform: PC, Switch
Vndb Link: Christmas Tina ‐泡沫冬景‐ | vndb
Text Length: 147,010 characters
Average Game Length: 8h 45m
Hookable: Yes
Voiced Audio: Fully voiced protagonist (worth noting that one of the main characters is Chinese, so many of their lines are voiced in Chinese instead)
Spoken Lines Replayable: Yes (from backlog)

Where to Purchase

PC: Steam version
Console: Switch version


We’re going to be starting December 30th!

Week Start Date Chapters
Week 1 December 30 Prologue, Chapters 1-2
Week 2 January 6 Chapters 3-4
Week 3 January 13 Chapters 5-6
Week 4 January 20 Chapters 7-9
Week 5 January 27 Chapters 10-12
Week 6 February 3 Chapters 13-15
Week 7 February 10 Chapters 16-18
Week 8 February 17 Chapters 18.5-20
Week 9 February 24 Chapters 21-23
Week 10 March 2 Chapters 24-27
Week 11 March 9 Chapter 28 to the end

Each week should be ~13,360 characters (~33 pages of a bunkobon)

Will you be reading with us?

  • Yes!
  • Yes, but at my own pace
  • Not sure
  • I’m skipping this one
  • I’ve read this before, but will join in the discussion
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Which version will you be reading?

  • PC
  • Switch
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For pacing/scheduling:

There isn’t a JPDB deck for this one, but I was able to pull the script easily enough to get a count of the characters and it looks like it is 147,010 characters. This is split into a prologue and 34 chapters based on the file names, so we will have easy stopping points just on the chapter breaks to work with.

I’d be okay with…

  • 6 weeks (~24.5k characters/week)
  • 7 weeks (~21k characters/week)
  • 8 weeks (~18.4k characters/week)
  • 9 weeks (~16.3k characters/week)
  • 10 weeks (~14.7k characters/week)
  • Longer (11+) (fewer characters/week)
  • Shorter (5 or less) (more characters/week)
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Select all options you think would be alright for the club. You can select as many as you want. Selecting slower options even if you are able to read quickly can open up the club for slower participants.

I think the fastest I could keep up at would be

  • ~24.5k characters/week
  • ~21k characters/week
  • ~18.4k characters/week
  • ~16.3k characters/week
  • ~14.7k characters/week
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When to start

I didn’t see a start time listed in the other thread, so here’s a poll for that too:

  • December 23
  • December 30
  • January 6
  • January 13
  • January 20
  • January 27
  • Later
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Like I mentioned above - I was able to pull the script. Not sure if anyone uses JPDB, but if you do and want a deck from the script you can use this great tool one of the people from the JPDB Discord made to import decks. All you need to import the Christmas Tina deck is this csv:

Christmas Tina.csv (109.9 KB)


I’ve never played a VN before, but this looks interesting, so I may join… If I can figure out all the tech stuff, that is! :smile:


I might join. I’ll wait a bit longer to decide though since its 20 bucks and I’m cheap :rofl:


Apropos price…

Folks, don’t buy the game yet if you’re planning to play on PC - there’s a decent chance there’ll be a massive discount during the Steam Winter Sales starting 2023-12-21T18:00:00Z!

Last year the game was off by 60%:


If you mean being able to easily look up text in a dictionary while playing the PC version - we can probably help you with that if you run into any trouble. :slight_smile:


Alright, just -35% this time, but still better than nothing!


Bought it. Looking forward to my first VN club!


Just bought my copy! :grinning:

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This looks like a fun read so I bought one myself as well! I don’t have a great point of reference for how many characters/week I’d normally read with but I’ll follow along with whatever you guys decide on


To give you a bit of a sense:

  • The VN has 20% more characters than また、同じ夢を見ていた - so as if that book had 358 pages.
  • Reading ~14.7k characters would be about the same amount of characters as reading 36 pages / 12% of また、同じ夢を見ていた.

And I don’t know how difficulty this VN is, but with Loopers and Marco & The Galaxy Dragon my reading speed was about ~3.5k characters/hour.

As a side note: It’s usually easier for me to keep my concentration up for longer when reading a VN compared to a book. The voice over and the visuals really help there!


Alright, I am going to call the votes here since it seems a consensus is forming to some extent (and I’m about to be traveling for the holidays for a while).

Starting Date: Looks like we will be starting on the 30th
Pace: This was pretty evenly split between the very fastest and very slowest options, but given the votes on the fastest people could keep up I think we should go with the 10-11 week range (this is more in line with the normal pace of other reading clubs here anyway). I will be looking to see how I can get the most even split possible around that number of weeks and will post the final schedule after that.

Looking forward to reading this with everyone!


I’m going to have to pass on this one. I’m too busy with work and am reading so many other things already. I’ll probably join in for Higurashi :slight_smile:


Steam folks, when you download the game, be sure to set the language in the game properties before downloading:

It seems that it will download a completely different version depending on the language. So if you do it later, Steam will have to download the game again.


Happy birthday to me :joy:


It’s starting to be December 30 in some time zones, so I’ve posted the thread for the first week


Iii am very tempted to join in Chinese due to time constraints and because I need more Chinese reading material… I don’t know how that would work though >.>


I think it would work really well! Like I said in my original nomination post one of the characters is Chinese and their voice acting is in Chinese so there would still be a good bit of listening practice for that too. (A main source of conflict in the plot is that the two main characters can’t understand each other due to that Chinese-Japanese language barrier).


Huh, I wonder if they have Chinese dialogue lines even in the Japanese version then… and if it’s flipped in the Chinese version :thinking: (which would be kind of trippy)


I kinda wish they had a version like that, would be really cool. But no they’re entirely Japanese or Chinese for the written text for each of those versions