📚 bibliothecary's bibliophilia 📚

As if I haven’t got enough to occupy my time, I’ve started to get into VNs! :laughing:

Setting up the texthooker was thankfully pretty straightforward, and I’ve been reading (playing?) Nekopara - I didn’t know I wanted to run a catboy cafe until now! :smile_cat:

I may join Home thread for Christmas Tina ‐泡沫冬景‐ ❄️🐈‍⬛ (Visual Novel Reading Club), and I might also try some titles that I’ve noticed repeatedly over the years only to be disappointed they weren’t manga or anime. :rofl:

I’ll just keep a little list here of titles that interest me. Will probably start with the ones that are fully voiced and easy to purchase/play (not changing my OS language;;;)… When they’re on sale. Those prices! :sweat_smile:


8016 28359 49779
46682 49773 9562
65273 53744 49776
41731 53034 29444
15550 22934 1966


66252 61398 49221


44807 47273

There’s even some non-BL in there… ㅎㅎ