Week 9 of Christmas Tina ‐泡沫冬景‐ ❄️🐈‍⬛

Week 9 February 24, 2024
Character Count ~13,360
Stopping Point After Chapter 23
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After each chapter you are brought back to the menu to select the next chapter to play, so it should be easy to tell when you have reached the stopping point. This week covers through Chapter 23.

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It’s been a few weeks but I’m excited to get back to this VN :smiley:

Chapter 21

I needed to look up a lot of words in this chapter :face_with_peeking_eye:

I tried looking for both Eng and Jp resources, but I can’t figure the word/grammar here. I’m assuming the meaning is close enough to 2か月ほある, but I’m finding no explanation on this at all and I wonder if the searches I am finding are just typos? Probably going to bother a native about this lol :melting_face:

I had to look up Seishin and it’s another お嬢さま school XD

Apparently the 1989 model of the mova was 0.75kg and it looks like a decent-sized brick lol.

So proud of Kanna for sticking up for Jing and herself and also grabbing the leftovers as well :clap: :clap: :clap:

I love how well the vocalized song goes along with this calm scene of them biking back home.

Chapter 22

What?!?!!?!? Maybe I should have saw that coming though, with the strange relationship between the two, and Shiori’s unexplained street cred XD

Definitely had a feeling Kou (Jiang) was going to go something shady while they were out but… to your own daughter? :confused: He definitely knew early on too, since he dropped hints to both Kanna and Jing…

Jing (alone in the sento): “Drats, foiled again!” :joy:

Chapter 23

I guess Jiang saw himself in Jing and decided to mentor him the same way.

I’m assuming cats can’t live 17+ years so spirit(?) confirmed? XD
I wonder if Jiang was the first one to find Tina, or if maybe Shiori’s mother also found her a little earlier? Seems sad for pet custody to go to Shiori, but maybe it was a tradeoff (you can keep Shiori but I get to have Tina :smiling_face_with_tear:)

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Chapter 21

That was a bit of a painful one - first with the expectation of the party being a disaster, and then said disaster itself. Although to be honest I expected worse with 江 giving her the invitation. Something seedier for sure, at the very least a mixer or something like that.

Now I’m not sure what the actual purpose was? Surely 江 couldn’t have thought that this party where she’d be completely out of place would actual help her find her next job. But there doesn’t seem to be anything in it for him either. I wonder if it was just a thoughtless (if rather elaborate, considering he got her a dress and shoes too) act? Or a practical joke that he doesn’t even care to watch, considering he’s not there? Weird.

That being said, I’m glad Jin came for her (even if it was spoiled by the chapter title image!). And I laughed when Kanna actually went back and filled her tupperware containers! :laugh:

(I do wonder how Jin knew where and when to find her. Maybe we’ll learn that next chapter?)

I assume it’s a typo.

Yeah, that was really nice! The music for this VN keeps being great.

Chapter 22


…woah, Sakura-san. That’s one hell of a fact to drop. And how did I not make that connection before? We already knew that her father is Chinese…

And welp, it was pretty clear what would happen once Kanna said “But then nobody will be here, right?” There aren’t a lot of other reasons 江 might want them all out after all.

So… from now on the plan is to sit on the bench? Every day from early morning to evening to prevent demolition crews from working? Even in winter? And how is that “being lived in”? :laugh:

Up until that point I thought that came just from her working for this company…

I’m not sure whether he’s disappointed or relieved, haha.

Chapter 23

So they are just sitting there on that bench. Welp. Let’s see where that goes.

And we get a surprising backstory: 江! Seems like he also was against “jobs that make money” in the beginning at least, but I have to admit that I don’t understand his reasoning. With Jin we got the clear “jobs that make money are more dangerous and illegal, and I want to do things properly and not get into trouble”, but I don’t see how “jobs that make money” interfere with “wanting to find a dream or goal”. Maybe we’ll see?

They can, although it seems like that’s much, much more likely for indoor cats. Tina stays mysterious.

Oh yeah, the mother kept the cat. Huh. Weird.

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Thank you! I ended up asking a native and they said the same :smiley:

Response (Ch 21-22)

Yeah, I thought it’d be something seedier introducing her to potential ‘jobs’ and not rich people her age. How did he even end up with an invitation? He invited Shiori first too, but it’s not like they would have been able to hook her up with a new job either. I guess it was just crappy parenting where he thought his daughter would enjoy dressing up and enjoying a real party with good food for once :person_shrugging:

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Response (Chapter 21-22)

Oh yeah, he did! Back then I didn’t dwell to long on that, especially since I had no idea they were father-daughter, but as selfish as he is when it comes to his job, I don’t think he would’ve wanted her to have a completely pointless bad experience.

So it really was just pretty thoughtless I guess, giving the thing that Sakura-san didn’t want to Kanna instead? Still, he actually brought a dress and shoes along for Kanna, who he likely doesn’t care about at all. Weird.

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Running late but I have caught up with this part and hopefully will do the rest over the next few days. Not much to add that hasn’t already been said. I wasn’t sure until now whether 18.5 was canon or not, but I guess it is.

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