Week 10 of Christmas Tina ‐泡沫冬景‐ ❄️🐈‍⬛

Week 10 March 2, 2024
Character Count ~13,360
Stopping Point After Chapter 27
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The “Next week: Week 11” link links to this week (10) instead.


My bad, fixed!

Chapter 24

Made me think of the quote「クリスティーナって呼ぶな!」 from another VN XD

Isn’t Jiang like 24 when he mets Shiori? I’m surprised Shiori’s mom called him ossan lol

Chapter 25

So I can understand why Kanna’s mother would push her daughter to work to help save up for the surgery… I can also understand how making your daughter take care of her younger sister will help you save money/time at home… but subjecting Kanna to more abuse? Protecting her daughter and not giving out her information to her abuser wouldn’t have cost any money, but she rather push that emotional distress onto her daughter instead :confused:

Chapter 26

I’m hoping Kanna’s mother knew what Sato was going to say ahead of time, but I feel like she would have given her a heads up if that was the case… Regardless, I’m happy that Sato reflected on her mistakes and isn’t going to haunt this poor girl for years on end.

It seems like Kanna still feels guilt over someone’s life being lost. Even though the guy put her in that situation and refused to let her go, he still saved her at the end.

The word that brought Iori and Jiang together as well XD
Jing’s broken Japanese while trying to comfort Kanna is so cute :blush:

So we finally hear the reason why Jing didn’t pass his exams.

ただ運が悪かった seems to be a recurring theme here with most of the characters in this story.

Chapter 27

運が悪かった strikes again… I was hoping everyone could catch a break but things are crumbling down again, and I wish I didn’t see the preview for Ch 28 :frowning:

Ahhh only one week left after this one! :eyes:

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Chapter 24

Eh? They meet on the street, have no idea what the other is saying, and suddenly… they are together? Right after that meeting I was like “So… they will meet again, and somehow they will form a relationship? I’m curious how that will happen”, but I guess they’d rather skip all that. Phew. Fair enough…

I guess family isn’t too bad a reason too get into more seedy business. At first I thought he gets a taste of money there and that’s that, but it seems he would rather be home more often actually.


…why should 江 hire people? I thought he only works there, and it’s 林さん’s business?

So, in the end they grew apart from each other. He was barely home, and she felt not understood and lonely. They separated - and she died, and he drowned himself in work.

And back to the present… it seems he might still have a heart after all? I guess he wants to keep face in front of his client, but also wants to give Sakura-san a fighting chance (and would actually personally rather that the building stays for longer too)?

Chapter 25

Chapter 25, or “different groups of people talking on a bench” :laughing:

It’s really been a while since Kanna and Jin sat on that bench, hasn’t it? It’s nice to see them both so relaxed and at ease with each other.

And… I really hope that Oniisan’s mother isn’t just coming to yell at Kanna again.

Maybe she just really oblivious here? I fully expect Kanna to have just born it by herself, as usual, and not even breathe a word of being abused by Oniisan’s mother.

Chapter 26

Oh man, Kanna is still carrying this “Am I allowed to be happy after having caused a death?” with her. I completely forgot that she was feeling like that, which is perhaps understandable considering that it was never mentioned again after like chapter 2 or whenever that happened. But it’s not surprising that she’s not really getting over it, that’s such a heavy thing to carry.

On another note, there are some extremely specific parallels in this VN between Jin and 江 that are so close that they don’t feel like they could be coincidental. Like for example how he’s now told by his father to “search for a dream or goal”, which is exactly what 江 wanted to do himself. Or all the ones we had earlier, like how Jin wanted expand the business and got into a fight with Kanna in front of a child about it, just like 江. I’m not quite sure what to make of those, to be honest, because apart from those parallels they seem to be too different to be considered “another version of each other” or something like that, and the super specific parallels themselves just feel a bit… random and pointless, to be honest.

So the sad story of Jin’s father also ends on a sad note. I agree that it seems just as like that it’s a suicide or that he (literally or figuratively) drank himself to death, but I’m glad that he had enough self-awareness to finally send Jin back to the city so he could have a better life.

Oh, was that the implied reason? Grief over his father being dead? Or did I somehow miss the reason completely? I don’t remember it being mentioned…

Chapter 27

I guess we can’t have a story with a little sister with a heart problem without the situation getting rapidly and quickly worse, right? Emi :cry:

And the foreshadowing by 江 and the preview images for the next chapter don’t look too good…

Chapter 25 grammar question

正直言って、あの人には良い思い出がない。 かつて酷く罵られたことは、今でも心に残っていた。

Is the 会うだけ会って something like “at least” here?

The Handbook of Japanese Grammar defines that pattern as “doing something instead of something they should rather be doing”, but if it’s that - I wonder what Kanna’s mother would be implying that Kanna should rather do? And considering that Kanna’s mother has so far been a staunch supporter of Kanna having done absolutely nothing wrong, in the first place implying that meeting is the least Kanna could do sounds really out of place.

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Chapter 24

江 at the start: oh he speaks Japanese just like me!
These days, it’s unusual that I come across a common word with a kanji I’ve never seen before, but 不憫 is one of them.

This one hit me harder than seeing the backstory from Shiori’s perspective, for whatever reason. I feel a little more justified in the (admittedly mostly aesthetic) fondness for I have for Jiang now.

Chapter 25

In the first half of this I was going to say that it really feels like the calm before the storm. I suppose the second half hinted at what the storm might be

I agree here. I think Kanna’s mum knows none of the details and so just thinks this is a grieving mother who wants to speak to an involved party. And so in answer to your grammar quetion I think it is appropriate to say “meeting her’s the least you could do”, in the sense of “something you can do out of sympathy for her”.


Unfortunately, didn’t get the time to finish this before my holiday. Will have to catch up and finish after Easter now.

Chapter 25

Not sure if I’m remembering incorrectly, but I feel like there’s no way the mother would have been oblivious here, given how small their town was (word travels fast) and how oniisan’s mother constantly berated Kanna in public. I thought that Kanna left home because she felt suffocated not just from the accident, but also the verbal abuse and gossip. Honestly with everything the mother has pushed onto Kanna so far, I feel like she just wanted Kanna to 我慢 as usual and 会うだけ会ってあげて :face_with_peeking_eye:

As you can probably tell, the mother constantly taking Kanna for granted throughout the story was a big pet peeve for me :joy:

Chapter 26

I felt like it was implied, because he accidentally heard about his father’s death right before his exams if I remember correctly… it’s been 3 weeks and I have goldish memory lol

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Chapter 27

Oof. I had a horrible feeling things were going to go this way.
Thought this was an unusually poetic line for Kanna.

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