Week 8 of Christmas Tina ‐泡沫冬景‐ ❄️🐈‍⬛

Week 8 February 17, 2024
Character Count ~13,360
Stopping Point After Chapter 20
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Chapter 18.5

The beach filler episode :joy:
The chibis are so cute! I like Jing’s sunflower seed trunks and I guess Jiang(?) has coins on his lol.
Since they’re gone for the entire day, I guess no one really needs to be at the station lol

Chapter 19

Didn’t know there was a grammar point that had to be used with 1! 【JLPT N1】文法・例文:〜たりとも〜ない - 日本語NET

Kanna just turned 16, so I was a bit confused why Shiori refers to her as a 17 year old. Is she rounding up?

OH NO, NOT THE SHADY OJIISAN :face_with_peeking_eye:

Chapter 20

I’m SO glad Emi is sad! Are the only locks on their private rooms, and was the safe even hidden? D:

Kanna seems way too complacent about losing so much money. She must be used to bad things always happening that she just finds them inevitable.

Interested to learn more about Jing’s past. I can understand why he may blame his circumstances for the disadvantages he was given in life, especially after his role model’s death.


I’m not sure if I’m surprised or not that a) a VN has a beach episode, and especially that b) this sort of VN has one, not that I’m complaining!

I know this point from my studies; I think it’s the first time I’ve seen it for real.


その場合、保健所の申請が面倒だった。- does this just mean registering with a practicioner, or what?
I’m curious why the girls call Shiori senpai; I’m assuming there’s more history between them than them just working in the same area.
Oh, oh no.


\n毛主席、ガンジー、エジソン、レーニン、スターリン、one of these is not like the others!
まだ俺が、子供だった頃。- much like the 制服を来た a couple of weeks ago, this feels like another bizarre piece of grammar. I like it, though.
I assume this is some result of the cultural revolution?
Ah, yes.


I just read it as “place to get insurance” so I knew it was some sort of license for their business (from context), but I didn’t realize 保健所 literally meant health center/Health department! Jisho had a little blurb on it, and I found this old blog entry as well.

Chapter 18.5


Is this your first time meeting Emi? :laughing:

Well, that whole chapter was a thing that happened, huh.

Also if this was an actual chapter, Sakura-san would’ve never stood for that whole “school swimsuit” thing. I’m sure there would’ve been some swimsuit shopping before it!

They really had fun with this one.

Chapter 19


I kinda knew something would happen as soon as it became clear that Emi is going to the toilet alone at night, but I half-expected 江 there, not the elderly customer.

A bit curious too. Becoming a regular customer and even chatting with waitress staff seems like a bad move if you want to steal something - lots of people to remember you means if any of them see you, they can describe you decently well, right?

Also: Why the heck didn’t they keep the safe in one of the rooms they sleep in? And shouldn’t most of the money be in the bank by now anyway…?

Chapter 20

That’s a pretty hefty amount of money not to bring to the bank, but to instead store in a rather mobile “safe” :confused:

Ah, well. しょうがない, apparently. I guess because Kanna doesn’t want to have Emi be confronted with the reality of that “nice ojiisan”? I mean, they didn’t even try to go to the police.

I wonder if that’s really the end of it, considering that Sakura-san and 江 are pretty much mafia-adjacent. Although I guess Emi only told Kanna and Jin so far.

And then, sudden Jin backstory! His father doesn’t sound all to great to me, but Jin sees it differently.

I think the only room with a lock might be Jin’s. Kanna planned to add a lock to her room (and bought it), but some time after that Jin just walzed into it to bring blankets while they were sleeping, so she either never added it or it momentarily vanished into a plot hole.

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