Week 7 of Christmas Tina ‐泡沫冬景‐ ❄️🐈‍⬛

Week 7 February 10, 2024
Character Count ~13,360
Stopping Point After Chapter 18
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Chapter 16

Definitely an important conversion to have, but it’s unfortunate that Jing resorted to yelling instead of trying to reach some sort of compromise. I’m surprised he’s still trying to blame someone else for him failing his own exam though :melting_face:

Chapter 17

So we finally find out who Tina is :open_mouth:

I’m glad we finally get to see Shiori’s backstory! So that’s the reason why she knows some Chinese. Though it’s painful for the children when parents to separate, sometimes it’s the best move for the adults, and I hope Shiori’s mother was able to find happiness. I do wish that she cared enough to stay in touch with her daughter, instead of just leaving so suddenly…

I wonder if the cat passed away while with the mother and her spirit is now staying where she was happiest while she was alive? I also wonder why it took some time for Shiori to see Tina, other than Jing and Kanna’s fight triggering her past memories.

Chapter 18

I felt like the transition from the argument/Shiori remembering her past to reaching a compromise with the restaurant expansion/Shiori helping out was a bit abrupt, but happy to see them all getting along again!


Ooh, that’s a good thought. I just assumed she’s a rather old cat.


ojiisan has a creepier voice than he deserves
「すみませーん、お冷、もらえますかぁ」 - someone told me the word お冷 ages ago and I’d been trying to remember it until now.
「ひー>< ちょっと待ってぇ」 - ><
「こういう場合はね、一旦、25×10って考えるの。それで……」 - nice to see 一旦 in use, that’s one I never quite understood from BunPro’s explanation.
Not sure why this touched a nerve so strongly with Jing. Until now he was happy to save up money across the year, now is he just being greedy or what? Is he concerned on behalf of the sisters and their need for money?


I like the textual effects in this one!
It’s bad that they’re arguing but at least Kanna has grown a spine.
Nekohi beer
Title drop!
Much like the intro, I found the flashback a bit hammy and mawkish (and divorce here works with the mother suddenly leaving, never to see the kid again?). I have my own experience with similar stuff as a kid, and yet for whatever reason this didn’t tap into me at all.
It touched me a lot more when she was just talking to Tina afterwards, mostly on the level of thinking of pets I’ll never see again :cry:


Seems I was wrong when I said Kanna turned 16 already.
Waitress Shiori kawaii!
Giving out candy isn’t helping with the creepy vibe, ojiisan
Drunk Shiori kawaii!
「国破山河在、城春草木深……」 - didn’t expect this to be in the dictionary!

I noticed when reading these chapters how little I notice (heh) the Chinese font kanji now, except for particularly egregious differences like 直.


@Bijak can you make the week 8 thread please?


Yes sorry I thought I had already (I even checked it off my to-do list :see_no_evil: )

It’s up


I’m still convinced she’s some sort of a supernatural cat/spirit since it took a while for Jing and Kanna to see her, but you could be right :kissing_smiling_eyes:

I had the same thought! Initially I thought it was for the sisters, but after this chapter, I felt like he may have wanted to prove himself as an entrepreneur after all his setbacks, and Kanna’s comment that he was just a 浪人 and not the professional that he was claiming to be must have really stung.

Chapter 16

Ugh. Getting his plans rejected after he thought it would be perfect for helping Emi must’ve hurt. He probably assumed that Kanna would be pretty happy to hear about it…

The language barrier isn’t helping, but even without it this might’ve gone a similar route.

Pity. And after the day started so well!

I think we never learnt about the circumstances so far, right? I’d assume there was more to it, considering that it was mentioned multiple times now that he thinks that it’s “not his fault”.

Yeah, I agree! But I think he also wanted to help the sisters, and that made it even worse - he thinks he’s not just doing a good thing for himself, but also for them, and despite that he’s getting rebuffed.

There’s so many things coming together here:

  • From his conversation with 江 we know that he wants to get into management, so he probably has a passion for it and it’s something he’d enjoy even without all the other factors.
  • We also know it’s something he learned (read?) quite a bit about and wants to study at university, so getting practical experience in it is useful.
  • He failed at the university examn, so this might feel like an early chance of being successful in his field.
  • He seems to have quite a bit of pride in his abilities, despite them being untested.
  • He thinks it will help the sisters.
Chapter 17

Sakura-san’s parents had a fight, with the father (who is Chinese) saying that it’s there’s a good opportunity and it’s all for her and the kid, and her saying that the current situation is good enough? In front of the kid?

Kanna and Jin being time-travellers confirmed??
Seriously though, that’s a little too close to what’s happening in the present, haha.

Yeah, I wonder if there is anything deeper here. It seems unlikely that the mother stayed completely out of their lives, but close enough for the cat to come back to that place… But if it’s a spirit, it’s one with a physical shape. At least Kanna was holding and petting her once.

The cat is definitely weird. I’d assume Sakura-san came back quite often and never found Tina, but suddenly does now, and the contrast between the initial “Kanna and Jin never see the cat, only hear it” to “The cat is now literally part of their family” is pretty stark.

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Comment (Chapter 17)

Haha, possibly! I feel like the VAs sounded the same too XD (though I assumed it was due to budget or other reasons)

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