Week 6 of Christmas Tina ‐泡沫冬景‐ ❄️🐈‍⬛

Week 6 February 3, 2024
Character Count ~13,360
Stopping Point After Chapter 15
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Ch 13

This was a cute chapter. Not much to say other than Jing has more guts than I will have in my lifetime, lol.

Though, from my experience of living in a big city, people usually don’t care if you do weird things on the street…

Also, the rule about someone having to stay in the house seems even more arbitrary now that Shiori is like “it’s fine if no one’s there for an hour or so”…


Yeah, this is making for some nice light reading both in terms of ease and mood, because the other things I’ve got on the go at the moment are bakemonogatari (long, difficult) and Fire Punch (might be the most violent and brutal thing I’ve ever read).

Ch 14 - 15

Jing finally knows about Emi’s heart condition! And we finally see the cat! I guess the cat is so far a metaphor for the power of friendship Jing and Kanna getting along, lol.

Fortunately nothing bad happened during that health scare. I wonder if the hospital visit set them back any $$ or if Japanese health care in the 80s was still better than, like, current health care in the US…

I thought them opening up a cafe just a week later seemed rather convenient, and Sakura helping them with all the equipment is awfully nice of her, but I suppose she’s a foil to the extremely suspicious 江… It’s great to see that they’re actively doing something for once, and that it’s a pretty big success so far (though considering the preview for Ch 16 I wonder if something is going to go wrong e.e)


It’s private there too. Shiori said she’d cover it.
I have to admit, I was expecting something a bit more with the cat. Hopefully there is more yet to come.

My own random thoughts:


点きっぱなしの部屋の照明が、慌しく出て行った時の状況を物語っていた。 - never seen monogatari as a verb before
親戚は居るが、肉親は既に他界している。 - neat expression, might start telling people my dead relatives have gone to the other world
Come on Shiori, you don’t get to show off your clout at a hospital!


Disappointed in myself that I didn’t figure out what ハルマキ was before seeing it in kanji
なにか言ってるようだが、さすがに猫語は分からん。 - 日本語より猫語が難しいね
3人では、昼のランチタイムだけをターゲットにした、短時間営業しか難しいだろう。 - I don’t quite understand しか being used without a negative
I’ve seen it before but 八百屋 is a great word
一時期少なかった、制服を来た高校生。 - 制服を来た?? Preposterous!
I really liked the two screen wipe transitions with the sliding door sound effect.

Chapter 13

This was really cute! So happy the two are finally on name-basis now and I hope Kanna can feel a bit more confident with the new wardrobe and Shiori pushing her to be more honest when speaking.

Chapter 14

It still shocks me how expensive things were during the bubble economy! Also, Kanna’s ponytail is cute :blush:

Jing’s drawing lol
:neutral_face: Kanna
:open_mouth: Jing

My original prediction was that you can only see the cat if

  1. you’re close to death
  2. you can trust others enough to open up to them

I’m glad it’s not #1 :see_no_evil:

Chapter 15

Jing’s drawing pt 2
(>ω<) Emi
:slightly_smiling_face: Kanna

Is the dim sum pop-up really the best move for Jing? It seems more like he’s doing it to support the sisters in his own way, even at the cost of his study time.
Also, I’ve always wondered… wouldn’t he already saved up money for tuition when he took the entrance exams the first time around? Unless I forgot something… Based on how much he’s trying to save, it feels like it wouldn’t have been possible to earn enough money in his own country, given how much higher the wages are in Tokyo.

Chapter 13

Some chapters are full of good people, huh? First Jin breakdancing out on the street to cheer up Emi, and then Sakura-san buying clothes for Kanna! And as much I’m not a fan of the casual “chop on the head” thing, I’m glad that she’s teaching Kanna to be a bit more open. Especially since it leads to a good interaction between Jin and Kanna, finally!!


Yeah, but it actually seems to be a rule for some reason, what’s with “I will stay and watch the house so you can leave together”.

Is it? I remember her saying something to the effect of “For now your insurance is enough, and I’ll take care of it later”, which is a bit nebulous but doesn’t exactly sound private, but I might have gotten that wrong.

Chapter 13 - 15

We really got lots of (much anticipated) development in such a short time! Kanna warming up to Jin (and getting clothes to go out), the cat warming up to everybody (What’s with that? And seemingly nobody telling Sakura-san?), Jin learning about the heart condition, and then all of them opening up an open cafe!

Probably that, yeah. Although I’d assume he doesn’t have to study the whole day every day for half a year for that entrance test.

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