Week 1 of Christmas Tina ‐泡沫冬景‐ ❄️🐈‍⬛

Week 1 December 30, 2023
Character Count ~13,360
Stopping Point After Chapter 2
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We’re playing this VN as part of the Visual Novel Reading Club.

After each chapter you are brought back to the menu to select the next chapter to play, so it should be easy to tell when you have reached the stopping point. This week covers the Prologue, Chapter 1, and Chapter 2.

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Content warning for Chapter 1: attempted (unsuccessful) child prostitution of MC - There is a scene where Kana at 15 years old is offered a new job by her friendly お兄さん and only learns that it’s some sort of prostitution thing when she’s in the car with him and the client. When she says she can’t do it the neighbor tries to pressure her into accepting anyway. She panics and leaves the car while they’re on the road and gets into a traffic accident. Nothing physical happens except the accident itself but it was quite uncomfortable (as it should be) and unexpected.


Just finished this week’s - if anyone is curious I measured it at 14,873 characters while I was reading.

Really like the way the VN is presented visually. They pretty much stay away from the traditional sprite-centered-in-the-screen view, and switch between lots of different angles of the characters and the nice panning shots of the background of city. Nice change of visual presentation style from what you usually see.

Also looking forward to seeing more of this 80s stuff in here - took me a hot second to realize that a ポケベル was not a weird reference to Pokemon.

Some thoughts

Gotta love when the person finding you a job is like “ah we don’t need to see any sort of resume or anything”. Not suspicious at all

Also really wondering what the deal is with this バイト - I tried to find whether this was an actual thing in the Bubble Economy but I’m going to have to guess it has something to do with land price speculation or something :thinking: Really curious what the employer’s goal is with that one


Just finished chapter one. Is this VN hookable? My textractor didn’t come up with anything alas, kind of slows my reading speed down


The Steam version at least is. Textractor pulls up a lot of hooks but there was one in there that just cleanly had the text. Only quirk I ran into was that the NVL pages dump their text all at once instead of with each click but I wasn’t getting repeated lines or anything


If you replace the existing texthook.dll in your Textractor folder with the updated one in this link, it hooks right away w/o needing to manually parse the whole list you get from searching. The post date is from 2022, but it’s always edited; the most recent dll revision was edited in on December 28th, so it’s super recent. Alpha build archive · Issue #868 · Artikash/Textractor · GitHub


Yeah, that was absolutely not how I expected this VN to start, which only intensified that slowly sinking feeling.

She’s going to some new job. It turns out she has no idea what the job is. The only other passenger is a man she doesn’t know.

Surely it isn’t… did he just call the other passenger パパ?

The job pays really, really well.

…oh no. No no no.

I’m so glad that it was “only” “attempted/unsuccessful”. I have enough feelings about it as is.

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You just described my whole thought process during that scene… Yeah, that slow build up was pretty intense. Despite it being a visual novel I think the way they used cutaways like Bijak mentioned made it (and the overall VN so far) more cinematic and impactful than just talking sprites. Not really something I’ve seen before!


I haven’t had a chance to read more yet, but I hope the impactful parts from now on are less potentially traumatic for our characters. But yeah, I agree, it was really well done. The music and the pauses in narration too.

Man, I keep thinking about that scene though. I wonder if there could’ve been an alternative good end where the men relent and she is brought back safely. “お兄さん” cleary knew what he was doing there. If he thought that she would actually be okay with doing that “job”, he would’ve told her about it when it was easier to back out. Instead he sprang the whole thing on her shortly before the fact in an unsafe environment she couldn’t easily leave, and then tried to pressure and persuade her when she clearly wanted out.

But ah well. In the end it’s a story, and it already happened like it did there anyway. I hope this whole ordeal will actually have a reason to be in the story beyond being dark and making us feel for the main character.


Just finished Chapter 2.

Overall thoughts

I am really curious to know what this job is about. Seems too good to be true. I liked how the recruiter Xiaoran talked to on the phone straight up said “if you want $$$ you can do something illegal that could get you deported”… suggesting this “easy” job is not illegal… :thinking:

I actually didn’t see anything too suspicious with that at first since I could definitely see a more local mom-and-pop kind of business going more off of vibes and a verbal interview. But then she talked about this job…

The term they used in the Chinese translation was “BB 機” which I had to look up and only just realized while writing this that it’s probably called that because it beeps :sweat_smile:


I finally finished chapter 1 and hope to finish chapter 2 in the next 2 days so I can finally read everyone’s overall thoughts and add my own :slight_smile:

@bibliothecary, how is it going on your side? I remember it being your first VN - did you manage to set up things?

The “goal” (at least for me) is basically to have this - any main game text immediately popping up in my browser, so I can use Yomichan to look up words (and/or do fancier stuff with it):

(And I remember @ioric and @Stallion being new to the club, but I don’t know if they aren’t already avid VN readers. If not, and you need help setting things up to be able to easily look things up in a dictionary and copy text, just say the word.)


Yes, thank you, I got everything working! :smile:

The only problem I occasionally have is if I press Ctrl to use yomichan without clicking the browser first the VN skips ahead. :face_exhaling: I keep forgetting, and since I guess there’s no way to move back, I’m saving my place frequently.

I’m partway through chapter 1 (is there a way to see your progress, like what percentage of the chapter you’ve read?), and what a sad start to Kana’s story! :cry: For someone to do something like that, nevermind someone she knew and trusted, is so horrible. And then she gets hurt trying to escape the situation… Let’s hope her luck changes soon! :persevere:


Glad to hear that! :slight_smile:

You can configure Yomichan to use another key for scanning. E.g. I have it set to Shift instead.

Not that I know of.


Thank you! Far from avid, but I’ve done a bit of VN reading before so I’m used to grappling with Textractor etc.

I’ve finished chapter 1 and will continue with the rest later or tomorrow. Got a couple of notes about language use, but I’ll save them for a post after chapter 2. So far, I really like the presentation of it, as Bijak said. The story, a bit too early to judge, but also:

Well, the tragic thing there is yes, easily. The guy had already said something along the lines of her not having to do it that time. That event, the aftermath, the whole “sister with a terminal disease whom we all need to save money for” is all very dramaすぎる, when from the blurb I was expecting her intro to be something pedestrian like the other main character’s.

Ever the contrarian that I am, it makes me less sympathetic to the character because I feel like I’m being coerced into it with mawkishness. Now, the Chinese guy on the other hand? He I can relate to.


He did? The only thing close to that I can find is
which is the opposite - “just for today, do me the favor of listening to me”. I don’t remember him relenting at all, just continuing to push. And shortly after they crashed.

I feel like him actually relenting after already having the client inside the car would’ve been fairly unlikely, and that her reaction was quite believable and understandable.


I’ve posted Week 2’s thread here!

Of course, this is why I like the opening - but I do at least think that as far as the car scene goes panicking is not really too far outside the realm of what could just reasonably happen in that situation. But yeah I hadn’t thought about just how different the backstories are between the characters as far as stakes go

Yeah agree, I don’t remember him relenting either


Ah, I think I misread there.

Oh don’'t get me wrong; I don’t disagree. That’s not why I thought it “dramaすぎる”

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Alright, finally done with chapter 2! This first week took me pretty much exactly 4 hours in total, at ~3700 characters/h. Seems pretty substainable if it doesn’t get harder :slight_smile:

Here are my thoughts now that I’ve read everything for this week:

Chapter 1 & 2 thoughts

By the end of chapter 2 it doesn’t seem to have much of a point yet. I think pretty much everything afterwards could’ve happened still: She goes to Tokyo in hopes of making money to pay for her sister’s surgery, and gets rejected everywhere because she doesn’t have particular skills, is young and not dressed well.

But while I’m not quite sold on that particular part of the story, the writing and the visuals were enjoyable, so - decent start, overall. And I’m curious how it’ll continue. After all, this was more or less just the prologue, and now the main characters are finally together in the location that’ll probably be our main site for the remainder of the game.

Haha, yeah. On one side: “My sister will die if I don’t get enough money, and I wanted out of the town where I was almost forced into prostitution and somebody died because of me.”. On the other side: “I’ve been kinda drifting through life after failing to be admitted to the unversity. It’s kinda meh, so I thought going to a foreign country without speaking the language would be a good way to earn ¥¥¥.”

But now that he’s in Japan, Jing’s stakes went up a lot. I don’t know how much money he has, but I assume it’s not much considering he left because he wasn’t paid particularly well - and now he’s in a big city in a foreign country, without any decent contacts and without being able to speak the local language.

Yeah, it’s a bit weird. Especially… pre-demolition, if I remember correctly? So it can’t be about protecting the building or something similar. And so far she hasn’t been required to do anything. She hasn’t been asked for any specific skillset either, and apparently it’s something that even somebody who can’t even speak the local language can do. So… I guess it really is just living there, for whatever reason.

I had two sections where I had a bit of trouble with understanding/grammar. Maybe somebody has an idea?

Grammar questions

I’m not quite sure what to do with the だけ in that sentence in combination with the ても.

If the だけ wasn’t there, I would read it as: “Tokyo is amazing. Even though I was living in such a small town, I heard this rumor often.” As in “In such a small town I wouldn’t expect to often hear about Tokyo, but despite that I still often heard that Tokyo is amazing.”

If I would read その噂だけはよく聞いていた on its own, it sounds to me like “This was the only rumor about Tokyo I heard often”, but I don’t see how that fits with “Even though I was living in such a small town”.

The Kireicake dictionary suggests that だけは can mean “at least”. With that, I guess the meaning could be something like “Tokyo is amazing. Even though I was living in such a small town (where you wouldn’t expect rumors about Tokyo at all), at least this rumor was something I often heard.” Is it that? (But I can’t find any grammar sources that treat だけは as “at least”.)

I’m struggling with both parts of the 先ほどまでは、ここで終わりだっただけに食い下がる。 sentence.

  • 先ほどまでは - Up to this point?
  • ここで終わりだった - It was over there
  • だけに - precisely because
  • 食い下がる - (I) persisted.

Maybe something like “Precisely because in the previous job interviews it was over at this point, I persisted”?

That was a bit of an adventure to get up set up with the Texthooker compared to other games (Is anyone else’s Texthooker going to 100% CPU usage for loading screens?) but we got there eventually! Seems like a very well put together VN so far, the sound and in particular the visuals have been lovely.

Was an even more grim starting point than I was expecting, they seemed to keep piling more and more awful things onto Kanna in particular…
Definitely curious what they’re setting up for once in gets into the story.

Take this with a pinch of salt since I’m far from an expert, but I read this as like “Since I live in a rural town, I’ve only ever heard rumors about Tokyo”, with the 噂だけ meaning “only rumors”, like heard about it a lot but never seen it for real.


Did you do this?

Before I replaced that dll, I got a big stutter when loading a chapter (and a million trash hook hits), but now this game works even better than other games for me - it’s super fast and I only get a handful results in total.

How would the ても work with that? Isn’t that “Despite”/“Even though”?