Book club utility

I’m just going to throw a wild one.

Description of your request or bug report:

An utility within learnnatively that allows you to host book clubs, on-site and off-site.

For off-site, try to be a neutral tool that might give you extra perks if you have a learnnatively account, but not forcing on them to register or sign-up as a guest to be useful.

For on-site, maybe integrate it with discourse?. This is not really a rush, as I’m guessing depending on when this is implemented, most book clubs would be off-site.

Potential things this utility would have:

  • One or more users would have control over the book club hosted.
    – Book clubs would be either single-book or series wide.
    – The host of the book club decides if or what tools they need. For example, if the book club is coming from a blogger or a place where discussion is not very convenient, have the option to do it within the utility. This way the book clubs can be hosted literarily anywhere, even static pages.
  • Calendar feature.
  • Files feature (For Vocab sheets and other things that might be required by such book club)
  • Stats of people that joined
    – Shows how many people joined, how many people caught up, reading speed if the information has been inputted…
    – Allow people to join without forcing them to register. Give them a token?
  • In case of an off-site book club, show latest replies within the book club page, if the book club is hosted in a supported platform.
    – For example, use the discourse API to pull recent replies to a book club thread.

Trello link:


Next Steps:
Create two trello tickets, Book V1 (w/o off site handling), BookV2 (offsite-handling). Latter put in ‘speculative’

I’d love to support book clubs! However, it doesn’t really make sense to prioritize on-platform integration before book clubs exist in the forums (you can run a book club in the discourse forums w/o platform integration)… so this probably won’t happen for a while. Certainly in the plans though and I like everything you mention.

Additional things I’d like:

  • a page to view and search book clubs
  • allow you to sign up for a book club on the main site.
  • showcase discussions / book clubs on book page

Only thing I don’t like about the proposal: request for ‘off-site’ book clubs and allowing non-natively users. How would that work? You need to discuss for book clubs and if you’re discussing on discourse, you need a natively account…?

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The idea is to be able to used as a toolbox.
Using the toolbox for off-site should require as less hassle as possible, and not feel like a substitution IMHO.
If people then find that having a learnnatively account has it’s merits, then it’s a way to increase the user base.

For example, let’s say I own a website that allows comments, or a forum.
I can link to the toolbox, which will show a fancy calendar which up to which page/chapter/volume, access to the spread sheet files, and how many people signed up.

As for not requiring an account, I guess the easiest is to require one indeed, but there are options.

For example:

If you are a guest, you can request a one-time token. The website gives you a string that you can save anywhere. With that you can access to limited features, such as join the book club as a guest, create a basic profile with a display name (used only for book club utility purposes) and submit pages read for statistics, and such things.

I remember seeing this kind of authentication in places, but I can’t recall a specific example right now.

Not sure if I was able to explain the concept properly, it’s a bit hard to describe.

Ah! I see. Yes I think that could be interesting.

That will probably be a much further out goal however - i’d have to replicate / tailor build a lot of functionality (polls, calendar… etc). I don’t think i’d ever do your one time token idea (at that point, it becomes more confusing than requiring a natively account), but I understand how allowing functionality for an off-site book club could be useful.

V1 however, will simply showcase book clubs on the site and rely on a lot of discourse functionality (polls) / google functionality (sheets) for running the book clubs.

(@Megumin does this mean we should break up these requests?)

It depends on how you feel more comfortable / implementing it.

It can be done as a checklist within the same trello card, the inconvenience is that the card will be there for a long time, until all the checklist is cleared.

A suggestion would be:
Create a Book clubs V1 with the basic functionality you mentioned then create a V2 in the Speculative column until it’s more defined/discussed/researched.

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Yes I like breaking them up. So does that mean this thread gets two trello links?

We don’t have threads for the Speculative features, but it can be linked anyway in this case.

Ok, I edited the post description. Is this how we should do this? :slight_smile:

It works for me, whatever it’s easier for you!

I’ve created both cards in the trello board. I’ve labelled them as Major because it’s functionality that doesn’t exist yet? Feel free to change the scope if you think it fits more in another label.